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what is d/f b/w sysout & sysprint

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what is d/f b/w sysout & sysprint..

Answer / venkat


all the error messages along with the source code will be
stored after the compilation.


the output and the system messages on program abend will be
routed to sysout.

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what is d/f b/w sysout & sysprint..

Answer / rams

sysout: to route the output to destination i.e., which
class name u mentioned like A,B,C,D....1,2,3,4...


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what is d/f b/w sysout & sysprint..

Answer / mdvasanth86

SYSOUT -> Output related to the Program being executed in
the job.

SYSPRINT -> Output of the job itself (JCL) that is executing
some program.

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what is d/f b/w sysout & sysprint..

Answer / sysudump

Sysprint is a name of DD. Sysout is a keyword parameter.

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