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Which is stiffer between salient pole rotor and cylindrical
rotor synchronous machines? Justify your answer.

Which is stiffer between salient pole rotor and cylindrical rotor synchronous machines? Justify yo..

Answer / iamdon

Salient pole rotor synchronous machines are stiffer as
explained below.

By stiffness of synchronous machines,we mean that the
amount of synchronising power(Ps)avaliable, for machines at
a particular operating point, to bring back the machine to
synchronism when the machine is subjected to disturbances.

Ps=derivative of electrical power(Pe) with respect to load

In case of salient pole synchronous machines, Pe contain
two powers added together
1)The reluctane power and
2)(E*V/X)sin d.
Also due to large air gap, reluctane offered to armature mmf is
more.So there is less armature reaction effect which in turn
reduces the value of synchronous reactance.

In case of cylindrical synchronous machines, Pe contain
1)(E*V/X)sin d term.

So Ps is greater in salient pole synchronous machine as
compared to cylindrical rotor synchronous machine.

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