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why did you choose mba- agribusiness after doing B.Sc

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why did you choose mba- agribusiness after doing B.Sc (Agriculture)?..

Answer / delonyx


after completing bsc ag ihave choosen mba agribusiness because
it will give me a more value to my career . Like i have enough
knoledge abt agricullture ....but it is an aim from very
begning that i want to be a successful manager so i have both
the qualities of agriculture and mba and which will help me
alot for my success.

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why did you choose mba- agribusiness after doing B.Sc (Agriculture)?..

Answer / sithara

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why did you choose mba- agribusiness after doing B.Sc (Agriculture)?..

Answer / haribabu

i chioces mba interesting fiananices career. But doing the
fainanice manager.

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