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Hi All,

I have found out this site very interesting and knowledge
sharing site.I was wondering if you can tell me where I can
get study materials for the BO XI 3.1 or suggest me the one
that you have taken recently.



Hi All, I have found out this site very interesting and knowledge sharing site.I was wondering..

Answer / saran
Search the related books in the above site

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use scheduler to refresh report.....explain please.....

2 Answers  

I need to select the rows based on the latest 'Payment_due_date' column value. Let's say I have a Deski report with 3 columns: Payment_due_date, Cust_Name, Oustanding_Amt. Report is like this: ===================================== Payment_due_date,Cust_Name,Oustanding_Amt 02/28/11 , Bob, 115 03/31/11 , Bob, 90 02/28/11 , Mike, 120 02/28/11 , Susan, 220 05/31/11 , Bob, 80, 03/31/11 , Susan, 70 05/31/11 , Mike, 220 05/31/11 , Susan, 120 04/30/11 , Susan, 130 So,we would like to see (based on latest Payment_due_date) ================== 05/31/11 , Bob, 80, 05/31/11 , Mike, 220 05/31/11 , Susan, 120 Oustanding_Amt comes as SUM(Oustanding_Amt) from Universe. If we use Max(Payment_due_date),we do get one row but then, the column 'Oustanding_Amt' sums up. Not allowed to use do SQL Override .Context Operators aren't working. Thanks in advance:)

3 Answers  

How do you restrict access to rows of a database?

2 Answers  

Hi any done business objects certification.i am expecting some help from them.

6 Answers  

difference between web intelligence,crystal reports and desktop intelligents

4 Answers  

What happens in BO when a user logs in to Infoview and a rich client like webi?

2 Answers   TCS,

I need to modify Web Intelligence Report, I need to Add 7 columns in WEBI Report-Java Pannel, so i could Add only 6 Columns in the Webi-Java Pannel as one X Table - X Column is not available in the Universe. I was advised that i can do it with Free Hand SQL in Web Intelligence even X Table - X Column is not available in Universe. Please kindly let me know how to implement the same

2 Answers  

Suppose we had a scenerio like in an universe there are nearly 250 objects but only 50 objects data is updated frequently so is there any way to overcome it.(Birla Soft,)

3 Answers   BirlaSoft, TCS,

What is meant by Adhoc reports?Can any body will explain with examples...Thanks in Advance .........prakash

7 Answers   TCS,

i am using Business Objects 6.1(a) facing a problem. ie when we save report in xls format then in xls sheet pictures are inserted into rep file are not come. Is it a bug. Give me answer as soon as possible. Thanks in Advance

3 Answers   TCS,

What are the different types of Filters available in BUSINESS OBJECTS?

3 Answers  

Explain when we use aggregate awareness function in designer?

0 Answers