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Why MLOAD needs Work Tables?

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Why MLOAD needs Work Tables?..

Answer / lilian

Work Tables are used to receive and sort
data and SQL on each AMP prior to storing them permanently
to disk.
The purpose of worktables is to hold two things:
1. The Data Manipulation Language (DML) tasks
2. The input data that is ready to APPLY to the AMPs
MultiLoad will automatically create one worktable for each
target table. This means that in IMPORT
mode you could have one or more worktables. In the DELETE
mode, you will only have one worktable since that
mode only works on one target table.

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Why MLOAD needs Work Tables?..

Answer / anil

Whne you loading data it's not load directly to amp,first
it load to work load at the 4 stage it loads from work
table to target table,Then after final stage it's delete
the work tables and error tables every thing

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Why MLOAD needs Work Tables?..

Answer / yuvaevergreen

Adding to the above, the work tables are created in
permanent space and used by the amps. Be aware of the
estimated perm space so that mload performance would be good.

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Why MLOAD needs Work Tables?..

Answer / varun

Work tables are created in the first phase of IMPORT task.
Work tables are created on each AMP for each target table.
They will hold the DML steps to be performed as well as the
input data to be applied.

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Why MLOAD needs Work Tables?..

Answer / tdguy

Work tables are created during the preliminary phase. This
table holds the input data.

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