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Answer / subash kumar

Connect a load across the battery 10A it should run 2.6 hrs
then it is ok

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Can we connect CBCT in the Busduct

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Why Transformer in KVA?

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why a three phase induction motor cannot run at synchronous speed ?

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what is the VA(Volt-amphere)? define with calculation?

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Why we are mostly using a single 3-phase transformer instead of three 1-phase transformers?

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What is the speed of electrical supply?

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why is the conservator tank painted white on the transformer

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What is the different between conventional MCC and intelligent MCC? Common controller or controller for each bucket

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what is the operation of Control Module(CM),MONITOR Module(MM), MONITOR Module DUAL (MM2),Signal Module(SM),Isolator Module(IM), please some one reply me.. the operation and application of these in FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS...

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How can we calculate the capacity of the capacitor bank attached with the Main panel, when we know the capacity of the panel installed in KVA Rating?

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what is the difference between energy efficient and high efficiency motors

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write encoder 17 pins details? pin a;b+, pin b;w+, s & t. what is the meaning of b+, w+? explain;

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