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1. Discuss the acceptance of Corporate Social
Responsibility in business by Indian companies in recent
years. Justify your answer by giving present practices.
2. Examine the role of money, as a significant
motivator, in the present inflationary conditions.
3. Co-ordination should be an individual
responsibility rather than the other insisting the co-
ordination. Justify your answer.
4. Under what circumstances Centralisation and
Decentralisation of authority is desirable – discuss?
Discuss your views with respect to hospitality industry.
1. What is the difference between Traditional
Marketing and Modern Marketing? Give some examples of those
companies which are doing Business in India more than 50
years and how they changed from traditional marketing to
modern marketing.
2. Explain the Sales Promotion in marketing and also
how HLL and P&G are doing their promotion of products in
India with suitable examples.
3. Take atleast 10 FMCG companies in India and analyse
how they are doing ethics in marketing in various segments.
4. What is the meaning of trade mark and patent rights
in Govt. of India and how it is helpful in marketing
management? Explain with suitable products.

1. Discuss the acceptance of Corporate Social Responsibility in business by Indian companies in re..

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