What is Nominal voltage?

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What is Nominal voltage?..

Answer / iamdon

Nominal voltage is the rated voltage of any device/system.

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What is Nominal voltage?..

Answer / sudhi

voltage for which the device is intended to be used.
The nominal voltage must be lower than the rated voltage, so there is a satisfactory margin of safety.
For example, in the 11 kV voltage class(rated voltage), a Nominal System Voltage may be 10.8 kV, or 9.57 kV, or other.

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What is Nominal voltage?..

Answer / viral shah

electrical devices are designed to work with one nominal voltage, which represents a band of possible actual voltages, power factor and AC waveform shapes.
A solar panel designed to charge a "12 V lead–acid battery" will often be called a "12 volt panel", even though the actual voltage while charging (of both the panel and the battery) is around 14 V, and the open-circuit voltage of the solar panel is around 17 V.

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