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Transformer Secondary maximum current (max. load)

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Transformer Secondary maximum current (max. load)..

Answer / p.senthil kumar

Transformer secondary Max.current depends on it's KVA
rating only.

1 K.V.A = 1.34 Amps.

accroding to this we can calculate the full load current of
the transformer.

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Transformer Secondary maximum current (max. load)..

Answer / sanjay jangra

secondary full load current

if secondary is star/delta connection
X: 118.09A Y: 118.09A Z: 118.09A

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Transformer Secondary maximum current (max. load)..

Answer / me

we have a 3 phase transformer rated as:

45 KVA 60 Hz
Primary volt: 480v
Secondary volt; 120 v single phase, 220 v (L-L)

How can I calculate the Secondary maximum current (max.

I have measured the Secondary current with clamp ammeter as

X: 72.6 A; Y: 64.6A; Z: 68.1A

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