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How Flywheel run in DG set, tell in details

How Flywheel run in DG set, tell in details ..

Answer / vijay

reverse direction

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How to design a Unit auxiliary transformer for a power house having a unit of 65 MW and Generating voltage of 11 KV and Secondary voltage of 433V

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What is the reason that the humming sound is coming from the induction furnace panel?

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coil is consist of

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To make a basic instrumentation amplifier, it takes A One op-amp with a certain feedback arrangement B Two op-amp and seven resistors C Three op-amps and seven capacitors D Three op-amps and seven resistors

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Do you know the overhauling of a motor?

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what is parellel power factor correction?

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Hello, I am just preparing my self for a university interview and struck on the 11kv ring main unit system network. I just know that ring main unit has total three breakers, fuses and use to supply a power to any load/ building without any interrupt. But i am not be able to visualize the connections, either Ring main unit getting power from two different power sources? or there is always one feeder in complete ring circuit??? I would be highly thanks full of you help me.

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If a contactor need to replace with faulty one. what I want to check?

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hi all i like to know vat is power plot in control systems also i want to know abt latest trends in electrical & electronics

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what is the difference between Inverter and ups

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what will happen if u run induction motor beyond its rated speed

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what is the radio of kva & kvar or why calculated kva & kvar

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