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6.6Kv feeder feeding tow step down transformers-415V-,what
the possible consideration for parrellel operation?

6.6Kv feeder feeding tow step down transformers-415V-,what the possible consideration for parrelle..

Answer / nur.asidik

Rating and vector clock of TR

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1))why we run three phase or three different circuit from a single conduit 2)) why not two circuit of different phase run in same conduit?? and why we run same three cicuit of same phae run in single conduit??

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Type of cable insulation?

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One 15kw motor Why we used star delta feeder?why not used DOL please explain in details

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How to Prepare preventive maintenance shedule of machine tool.

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How can we convert 11 kv to 440 volt without using transformer ?

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If DC supply is given to a transformer it may a) Work b)Not Work c)Give lower voltage than the rated voltage on secondary side. d)burn the winding

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what happen if generator exitation lost?

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how the transmission voltage ranges are decided like 11kV,33kV,66kV,132kV,220kV,400kV,725kV.... why not choose the transmission line voltage as 23kV,164kV,440kV?? what's the reason??

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how to calculate power

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comparision between ACB and VCB

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plz tell me about detailof induction motor Slip

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Negative feedback circuit is an implication of ? -Shunt shunt -Shunt series -series series

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