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how many manhole should be there on boiler? why?

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how many manhole should be there on boiler? why?..

Answer / magesh

First of all what is a man hole?

It is a small opening provided in the boiler outer surface,
through which men can enter inside the boiler during the
maintenance time.
There are no restrictions in limiting manholes to 1 or 2.
Wherever human entry is must during maintenance, there
provided the Man Holes.
Usually Man Holes are provided in the following areas.
1. Furnace Bed area at two sides.
2. Top near the superheater coils area
3. Economiser casings
4. Airpreheater casings
5. Bunker.
6. Even in some high capacity fans.
7. Ductings.

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how many manhole should be there on boiler? why?..

Answer / mistryhardik89

hey DEVANESAN never and ever give this reasone to any one

i think Magesh is right.

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how many manhole should be there on boiler? why?..

Answer / devanesan

it will desided by the drum manufacturing cost
effectiveness. the thickness of the drum will decided with
the operating pressure and no. of down commers, raisers and
manholes. if opening will increase the thickness of the
drum also to be increased so, the capital cost of drum will
so costly.

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how many manhole should be there on boiler? why?..

Answer / guest

There will be 2 manholes,one at the top &the other at the is provided for the safety of the inspector to
inspect from bottom

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