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what are muco polysaccharides?

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what are muco polysaccharides?..

Answer / akhila

poly saccharides that are composed not only of a mixture of
simple sugars but also of derivatives of sugars such as
aminosugars and uronic sugars are called muco poly

they are gelatinous substances of high molecular weights .
most of these acts as support material for connective
tissue or mucous substances of the body.
they consists of disaccharide units in which a uronic acid
is bound by a glycosidic bond to the c3 of an acetylated
eg:hyaluronic acid,chondroitin,keratosulfate etc;

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what are muco polysaccharides?..

Answer / divya p raghavan

Mucopolysaccharides are long chains of sugar molecules that
are found throughout the body, often in mucus and in fluid
around the joints. They are more commonly called
glycosaminoglycans(GAGs).They are long unbranched
polysaccharides consisting of a repeating disaccharide
unit. The repeating unit consists of a hexose (six-carbon
sugar) or a hexuronic acid, linked to a hexosamine (six-
carbon sugar containing nitrogen).This family of
carbohydrates is essential or important for life.

GAGs form an important component of connective tissues. GAG
chains may be covalently linked to a protein to form
proteoglycans. Water sticks to GAGs; this is where the
resistance to pressure comes from. The density of sugar
molecules and the net negative charges attract cations, for
example, Na+, which, after the sodium binds, attracts water

Some examples of glycosaminoglycan uses in nature include
heparin as an anticoagulant, hyaluronan as a component in
the synovial fluid lubricant in body joints, and
chondroitins, which can be found in connective tissues,
cartilage, and tendons.

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