what is the concept behind central dogma of molecular

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what is the concept behind central dogma of molecular genetics?..

Answer / padma

PROCESS OF understanding protein synthesis through central
dogma of molecular genetics postulates that information
flows from nucleic acids to protein.the first step is
replication is the copying of parental dna to form daughter
molecules having same nucleotide sequences.the second step
is trancription in which genetic message in dna copied in
the form of rna.
transcription may be defined as dna dependent rna synthesis .
third step is translation in which genetic message in mrna
is translated on the ribosomes into protein with specific
sequence of aminoacids.

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what is the concept behind central dogma of molecular genetics?..

Answer / d.jeeva jothi

Central dogma of Molecular genetics

The "Central Dogma" of Molecular genetics refers to the flow
of genetic information in biological systems. In general,
genetic information flows from DNA to RNA,and then RNA to

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) acts as the genetic material as
well as genetic information for all living organisms. In
order to study the genetic information in the cellular
process, first the DNA is converted into a RNA (ribonucleic
acid) through a process called transcription. Then the
information carried by the RNA is used to construct a
specific protein or polypeptide through a process called
translation. Each peptide there by performs a specific
cellular process and metabolic function in the cell.

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