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What are respectively some remarkable functions of keratin?

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Are nucleotides formed of only one type of pentose?

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Which are the nucleotides “portions” that bind in the formation of nucleic acids?

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How many sigma and pi bonds are present in nitrogen formula?

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On what structural level of the enzyme (primary, secondary, tertiary, or quaternary) does the enzyme-substrate interaction depend?

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How much amount of energy is required to break the triple bond in nitrogen molecule?

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What is the rule for the pairing of nitrogen-containing bases in the dna molecule and in the rna?

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Differentiate between gram +ve and gram -ve bacteria.

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what is kallidin?

1 Answers   Aurobindo,

Who proposed VSEPR theory? What does it explain?

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what is the chemical composition of auxin b?

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find the name of 4 such rivers which form delta?

3 Answers   GV,

Explain kararch effect?

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