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What are respectively some remarkable functions of keratin?

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Which element has maximum catenation ability?

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How do peptides react with cyanogen bromide?

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What is the difference between Phospholipids and phosphosphingosides?

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Explain RS notation of isomers?

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DNA binding by proteins with the helix-turn-helix (HTH) motif does not involve a) altered stacking of the DNA at the center of symmetry. b) hydrogen bonds, salt bridges, and van der Waals contacts. c) interactions with base pairs in the major groove of DNA. d) interactions with the sugar-phosphate backbone of DNA.

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What is Ampholyte?

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When starch reacts with iodine, why does it create the characteristic blue-black colour?

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what is ph?

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Concerning their biological function what is the difference between rna and dna?

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Name the terminal electron acceptor during mitochondrial respiration?

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What is optical isomerism? Which compounds exhibit optical isomerism?

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What are the hormones secreted from Crustaceans?

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