Bently placement papers -------- placement paper 1

Bently placement papers -------- placement paper 1..

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Bently placement papers

Mathematical questions

Given matrix A and I(identity matrix). Find matrix B where

1. y=log(sinx), find dy/dx.

2. B is 8 Km East to A, C is 6 Km north
to B, D is 16 Km east to C and E is 12 Km north of D, Find
distance between A and E.

3. A train is moving with the velocity of
x Km per hr. it crosses a station of length y Km in

4. z meter per second. Find the length of
the train.( here x, y and z are given)

5. The ratio of length of a rod and its
shadow is 1/sqrt(3). Find the angle of elevation.

6. Find LCM 120 and 60.

7. 4(144)8, 3(x)7 find x.

8. For the given fig ,find the angle x.
All angles are in degree.

10. limit x->¥ [(x+6)/(x-1)][(x+6)/(x-1)]

>>>> There are 20 such questions. Questions are very
Bently ----c questions

Section-2 consists of some questions from microprocessor,
digital electronics, one question on turing machine(the
question was very long) and some questions on C(some what
tricky-but solvable if enough time is left)

Some questions which I remember are-

1. Find sqrt of 113 upto 3 decimal

2. 20 bit address bus can address how
much memory

3. find 2?s complement of 111001001

4. Conver 100011 in decimal

5. (120)10 to (x)7

6. To represent A to Z and 0 to 9 how
many bits are required. Assuming all the characters
requires equal bits.

7. 210 =??Kilo byte


Find B and op, where op is a logical operator and X=don?t

9. To add 16 bits numbers how many full
adders and half adders are required.

10. A full adder has how many input lines.

11. Find Y

#define count(x) sizeof(x)/sizeof(x[0])
what count(x) does?

X=24, Y=16




Find value of X and Y( the exact question may be some what

14. #define inum 53268



inum=inum &(inum-1);






15. Write a program which will accept
only ?0? to ?9?, ?+?, ?-?, ?#? characters as inputs.

16. In a circuit of gates all gates are
controlled by a single ?????

17. How many inputs are there in a NOT gate

Bently placement papers

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