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Bently Interview Questions
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Bently placement papers -------- placement paper 1

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What are technical questions asked in SAP -sd module

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1.what is the role of proportional comtroller in pid controller?2.How do u calibrate the control valve?

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limit x->Â¥ [(x+6)/(x-1)][(x+6)/(x-1)]


y=log(sinx), find dy/dx.


Find sqrt of 113 up to 3 decimal places.


The ratio of length of a rod and its shadow is 1/sqrt(3). Find the angle of elevation.


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i am working with NBFC- MNC in personal loan dept. I applied for Internal Job Position in banking Division. My overall (10 years) experience in sales and People Management and in Internal Job Posting they require person for backend activity. There will be not repotees and its individual performance job. My Question is 1. If they will ask why you want to change your field form sales to backend job what should I answer? 2. The opening is in Chennai and since 10 year I am in Gujarat so if they ask why you want to change your home town location? Arpan Thakkar


Hey friends, i want to do a telecom protocol development course in Pune. plz mention some good instituition.what is its scope.plz help me out.course(MAC,RLC,RRC,VOIP,3G,GSM, ss7, SIP)


what functions are possible on a business event?


What is the dividend?


What is a block in HDFS? what is the default size in Hadoop 1 and Hadoop 2? Can we change the block size?


Iwant to calculate the production of 1 labour for concrete casting which includes shuttering,scaffolding,steel fixing,concreting, deshuttering and curing in 8hours.But i am not able to determine it approximately would you pls.??


What design patterns have you used? In action script and java?


What is Data Model?


What is Upload


what do you mean by hiring process


What is the difference between database trigger and stored procedure?


Which Python library is used for machine learning?


can any one send me tally professional version link


Can we refresh servlet in client and server side automatically?


This is reqd for a 1MW Solar power plant..We have 2DC outputs from the solar panels Connected to 2INVERTOR panels.. Output from invertor is 3ph,280v,500kva,50hz.These are connected to individual ACB.This has to be stepped up to 11KV ,1250KVA SYSTEM.Now can I use (1) one more ACBTO GIVE A COMBINED OUTPUT OF 1000KVA,280V & STEP UP THE OUTPUT BY USING a single two winding 3 ph transformer 11kv/1250kva. or (2)use the two outputs and connect to one three winding transformer of above rating..Pls suggestwith details.