AZTEC placement papers ------- placement paper 1

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AZTEC placement papers

AZTEC aptitude questions
Section A

The following questions are taken from the book--Puzzles &
Teasers by George J. Summers.We have provided you with a
few questions so that you get a clear idea of the pattern.

1.One of the following is my secret word:AIM DUE MOD
OAT TIE.With the list in front of you, if I were to tell
you any one of my secret word, then you would be able to
tell me the number of vowels in my secret word.Which is my
secret word?


2.In the following figure:A B C
Each of the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 is:
a)Represented by a different letter in the figure above.
b)Positioned in the figure above so that each of A + B +
C,C + D +E,E + F + G, and G + H + I is equal to 13.
Which digit does E represent?

Ans.E is 4

3.One of Mr. Horton,his wife,their son,and Mr. Horton's
mother is a doctor and another is a lawyer.
a)If the doctor is younger than the lawyer, then the doctor
and the lawyer are not blood relatives.
b)If the doctor is a woman, then the doctor and the lawyer
are blood relatives.
c)If the lawyer is a man, then the doctor is a man.
Whose occupation you know?

Ans.Mr. Horton:he is the doctor.

4.Here is a picture of two cubes:

a)The two cubes are exactly alike.
b)The hidden faces indicated by the dots have the same
alphabet on them.
Which alphabet-q, r, w, or k is on the faces indicated by
the dots?


5.In the following figure:

Each of the seven digits from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
and 9 is:
a)Represented by a different letter in the figure above.
b)Positioned in the figure above so that A*B*C,B*G*E, and
D*E*F are equal.
Which digit does G represent?

Ans.G represents the digit 2.

6.Mr. and Mrs. Aye and Mr. and Mrs. Bee competed in a chess
tournament.Of the three games played:
a)In only the first game werethe two players married to
each other.
b)The men won two games and the women won one game.
c)The Ayes won more games than the Bees.
d)Anyone who lost game did not play the subsequent game.
Who did not lose a game?

Ans.Mrs.Bee did not lose a game.

7.Three piles of chips--pile I consists one chip, pile II
consists of chips, and pile III consists of three chips--
are to be used in game played by Anita and Brinda.The game
a)That each player in turn take only one chip or all
chips from just one pile.
b)That the player who has to take the last chip loses.
c)That Anita now have her turn.
From which pile should Anita draw in order to win?

Ans.Pile II

8.Of Abdul, Binoy, and Chandini:
a)Each member belongs to the Tee family whose members
always tell the truth or to the El family whose
members always lie.
b)Abdul says ''Either I belong or Binoy belongs to a
different family from the other two."
Whose family do you name of?

Ans.Binoy's family--El.

Section B

AZTEC c questions

C programs are asked in this section

1.Write a program to insert a node in a sorted linked list.

2.Write a program to implement the Fibonacci series.

3.Write a program to concatenate two circular linked lists
into a single circular list.

4.A function even_odd_difference()passes the array of
elements.Write a program to calculate the difference of the
two sums of which one sum adds the elements of odd ones and
another adds the elments of even ones.

5.Write a program to reverse a linked list.

Section C

AZTEC c++ questions

Questions on C++ are asked here

Base class has some virtual method and derived
class has a method with the same name. If we initialize the
base class pointer with derived
object,. calling of that virtual method will result in
which method being called?

a. Base method
b. Derived method..

Ans. b

Almost all questions are of this kind. Go through virtual
functions concepts in C++ and how the pointers to functions
would be handled

AZTEC placement papers

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Hi there, few days back i had an interview with OPI Global(Outsource Partner International). The first round was suppose to be written Test. I wasnt sure about what kind of questions will be asked, so i just googled for the same but did not find any appropriate results or may be i was not able to find it. So basically I am gonna write about the questions and their level of difficulties with a few sample questions. basically there are 5 sections and total 40 Questions: 1. General English 2. Computer Skills (Mostly Excel) 3. Analytical 4. Aptitude 5. Finance & Accounts Sample Question Section 1 Ques - I stay ___ the city center Option - a. by b. near c. nearby d. Ques - I ___ television this evening Option - a. saw b. view c. watched Section 3 The question was too long so i just cant write here but can tell you the level of difficulty. It was pretty simple but you just need to read it care fully and you would be able to solve it easily. Section 4 I am not very good at aptitude so found this section little tough for me. Question - If 10 ppl can finish a work in 10 days then how long 8 ppl will take to finish the 3/4 of that work Option - I dont remember. Question - Car A runs at a speed of 40 miles and leaves the city at 3.20 PM, Car B runs at a speed of 50 miles and leaves the city at 4.40 PM. At what time Car B will catch Car A? Option - I dont remember the options Section 5 I just cant remember the questions but would suggest you to read abt personal, real and nominal accounts. Read little bit abt depreciation and basic stuffs.

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