ALTER placement papers ------- placement paper-1

ALTER placement papers ------- placement paper-1..

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ALTER placement papers

C questions

1. int b=10;
int *p=&b;
what is the output?

2. What is the difference between malloc,
calloc and realloc?

3. What does malloc return in C and C++?

4. main()
char *a="hello";
char *b="bye";
char *c="hai";
int x=10,y=100;
whats the output?

5. void main()
int a,b;
printf("%d %d",a,b);
int sumdig(int n)
static int sum;
int d;
return s;
what is the output?

6. Declare a pointer to a function that
takes a char pointer
as argument and returns a void pointer.

7. How do we open a binary file in
Read/Write mode in C?

C++ questions

8. class A
class derived:public A
what is wrong with this type of declaration?

9. what do you mean by exception

10. What are "pure virtual" functions?

11. What is the difference between member
functions and
static member functions?

12. What is the4 difference between delete[]
and delete?

13. Question on Copy constructor.

14. What are namespaces?

15. One question on namespace.

16. What are pass by valu and pass by
what is the disadvantage of pass by value?
I didnt get this. if you have the answer plz tell me.

17. How to invoke a C function using a C++

18. char *str;
char *str1="Hello World";
what is the output?

19. Difference between function overloading
and function overriding.

20. There is a base class sub, with a member
function fnsub(). There are
two classes super1 and super2 which are subclasses of the
base class sub.
if and pointer object is created of the class sub which
points to any
of the two classes super1 and super2, if fnsub() is called
which one
will be inoked?

ALTER placement papers

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