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whatis mean by voltage?

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whatis mean by voltage? ..

Answer / subuhani

voltage means potential difference between two points

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whatis mean by voltage? ..

Answer / vicknesh jr

Difference in potential betwwen two equal and opposite

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whatis mean by voltage? ..

Answer / johann

"Voltage" electrical thing....or term, with the
fluid mechanical analogy called "pressure". in your hose at
home..the pressure you feel on your hand exerted by the
water..; now, that is what voltage does electrically. it
pushes electrons ('water' in the hose) down the wire of
electrical circuit. high voltage (pressure) and small
amount of electrons can 'tickle' you (like your electrical
fence)as little water under high pressure would do. plenty
water flowing down the river can drown you, as can low
voltage but plenty electrons kill

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whatis mean by voltage? ..

Answer / faisal

movement of electrons is called VOLTAGE & the force with which these electrons move is called CURRENT.

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whatis mean by voltage? ..

Answer / subhash tp

we can simpley say voltage is apower or a forse to lead electrones through a conductor to foward.

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whatis mean by voltage? ..

Answer / naganathan

voltage is nothing but oppesing of electrons.

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whatis mean by voltage? ..

Answer / vinodkumar ks

the rate at which energy is drawn from a source that
produces a flow of electricity in a circuit

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