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Answer / ravi sharma

Q\A refers to the quality assurance which is confirming the
all quality asspects giving assurance for the defect free

Q\C refers to the quality control which is controling the
rules & procedure for maintaing the quality level

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Answer / ihsan ul haq

Quality Control is the operational techniques (Inspection,
Examination & Testing) that are used to fulfill requirements
for quality. Quality Assurance is the system of action and
planning needed to provide confidence that a Product or
Service will satisfy quality requirements

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Answer / arun gobinath r p

Quality assurance, the process or set of processes used to
measure and assure the quality of a product.

Quality control, the process of meeting products and services
to consumer expectations.

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Answer / bala

QA : it is concerned with system and procedures to follow
to assure/ensure the quality of the product

QC : it is concerend with activities to ensure the product
to the design specification

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