wrever i go thy r asking depth abt 3-tier architecture i.e,
hw to deploy 3 layers into 3 servers i do nt have much idea
on deployment. can any one send me the tips or code if u hav
kindly mail me.

hi wrever i go thy r asking depth abt 3-tier architecture i.e, hw to deploy 3 layers into 3 serv..

Answer / neerajtyagi

3 tier architecture is sliced into three layers.

1) Presentation / application layer : that consists of all
the UI part which is shown to the screen.

2) Business logic layer : which contains all the business
logic for manipulation and ways to handle data.

3) Data access layer : which comunicate to database and
pull all the data from data server and provide data to
business layer.

Each layer communicated to its nearest layer only ie.
Presentation layer can communicate to Business layer and
vice versa.

In 3 tier architecture there are basically two are the
assemblies for BLL and DAL.

if we have to deploy these on three different server than
we need to do something like:

Server 1 : Database server : (SQL Server / Oracle)
Server 2 : Business Server : Contain Assemblies and
communicate to Presentation layer using web service or WCF.
Server 3 : Presentation Server : Contain the UI part to
display data fetched from Business layer consuming the
Webservice or WCF.

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