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what is the difference between DELTA-V & FOUNDATION FIELD

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what is the difference between DELTA-V & FOUNDATION FIELD BUS..

Answer / vaibhav v t

Delta v is the DCS offered by Emerson.
Foundation feildbus is protocol for dgital signal
transmission.FF is next level of digital communication
after HART.

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what is the difference between DELTA-V & FOUNDATION FIELD BUS..

Answer / mastersensor80

THE SECOND ANSWER BY vaibhv vt is accurate, my advice is
that we only can compare apple to apple
u can compare communication protocol like FF,PROFIBUS AND
BESIDE u can compare DCS from different vendors.

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what is the difference between DELTA-V & FOUNDATION FIELD BUS..

Answer / faiyaz

Delta v is a dcs control system and software but FF is foundation field bus it is communication protocol

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what is the difference between DELTA-V & FOUNDATION FIELD BUS..

Answer / satish

delta-v it's from emerson and foundation field is fron
yokogawa so there is no diffrance infact delta-v new verson
so there some configuration is littel diffrent but
basically it is same as well as field bus.

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