Business Management Interview Questions
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What are non-perfoming assets?

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What is foreign exchange reservers?

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What is Open Market operations(OMO)?

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What is Micro Credit?

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What is Liquidity Adjustment Facility(LAF)?

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What is RTGS System?

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What is Bancassurance?

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What is Wholesale Price Index ?

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What is Consumer price Index(CPI)?

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What is a Treasury Bills?

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What is Banking Ombudsmen Scheme?

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What is Subsidy?

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What is a Debenture? How many types of debentures are there? What are they?

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What is a hedge fund?

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What is FCCB?

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Un-Answered Questions { Business Management }

What screening and selection methods are available, and which ones are most accurate? Explain.


Develop a marketing plan?


should mangers advocate the use of an activity that could possibly get out of control?


What is sexual harassment?


if a person having bussiness of advertising total income is 2.lacs but the in that amount it also includes amount for the material(colour) that has pusrhased and labour charges so do we have to pay the income tax on the material amount and labour charges


Critically examine the importance and methodology of case study. What are its merits and limitations?


how a science graduate is helpful in banking. how his/her studies like physics/chemistry/mathematics is related to banking


sir i am a brick manufacturer i already have a 22es eicher engine rated power 20 hp and i have connected it with a 15 kv alternator my load requirement is of motor with 15 hp power 1440 rpm , i wish to know if me genset would support it and i have been told that 10 hp motor of 960 rpm would give the same output as A 15 hp one is it true should i purchase a 10 hp one


TDS & Tax Planning for Employees Up to Form 16 & Form 16 a.


the cost of preparing a food plate is rupees 50. the wastage from preparing it is 10%. the average price of a food plate is rupees 100. the fixed cost is 1,60,000. what is the minimum number of food plates should be prepared to break even?


I have a list of wagetypes. To get those wagetypes which infotype needs to be created?? Is there any table available to know this?? I have already tried V_T512Z but i don't have access to that table in my client system.


The successful leader accurately understands himself, the organization, the individuals & the group he deals with- discuss


Hi to all Q: how you will evaluate yourself in excel if any the range one is worst and five is excellent. Mail if you know the answer to


Being a researcher in marketing company, how can you search the opportunities and monitor the threats of your product?


How can we communicate as realistic a picture as possible of a job and of the organization to prospective employees? What kinds of issues are most crucial to them?