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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Do u know any one? how to find out in motor rated amps? formula?

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Dear sir, How to calculate 3.5 core pvc aluminium armoured cable meter wise,give with best examples.... please help me in this regards....

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What is reason to get a power factor nearly zero in resistive loads

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why square root 2 is multiplied with line voltage in selection of LA ie 11/sqrtroot3=6.35 kv and it is multiplied with sqrt2 ie 6.35 KV*sqrt2=8.9 kv we will select question is why we are multiplying with sqrt 2?


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Dear sir, How to calculate 3.5 core pvc aluminium armoured cable meter wise carrying amps rating.Please give the solution with a good example.

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Reason of secondary of ct always short


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If Three Runs of 1Cx300 Sqmm Cable between Transformer and VCB and the distance between 100mtrs. what will be total length of Cable and if cost 1500Rs per meter,what would be the total cost


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For Bus duct hi pot test, where we want to connect the return and ground leads?

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Is KCL applicable for close circuit?


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why ht line fuse wire is so thin


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A wattmeter is marked 15 A/30A, 300V/600V and its scale is marked up to 4500 watt. When the meter is connected for 30A, 1600V, the pointer indicates 2000 watts. The actual power in the circuit in


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how to calculate transformer turn primary & secondary side 11kv to 420v


how to give earthing in ships?

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on a three-winding transformer relationship delta-delta-star, on third winding why the relationship is a star? what are the advantages and disadvantages? Thank you and please help


What is FTA card? How it works?


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234 MVA Generator 3 phase Short circuit current Values required? Gen set Rating-234 MVA, Gen Voltage-18kv, PF;0.8, Xdv:23.5 %, Transformer Rating-18/380KV, 680MVA,Yndd1 two winding, Step up TR, ZT:35.50 %,X/R 4.33 Gen CB Position, CB open ,Disconnected open, Generator Running Voltage 18 Kv, Bi mistakes generator side earth switch Closed during that time short circuit current level in 3 Phase required, and how to test on site 234MVA Generator Short circuit current,


Why in 6 KV XLPE cable termination kit used and why not in 380 V xlpe cable same is not used


how can you size an automatic voltage regulator?


What it the purpose of parallel phasing transfomers??


Do closed loops systems require manual input?


i had aplied Hindustan Petroleum corporation limited for the post of maintenance technician -Electrical,i want model questions,if anybody have please send it or please advice?


Starting current of a 10 HP induction Motor is ______ time’s full load current.


What facility we get after CT secondary earthing and how?


Dear Sir I am living in Jaipur Rajasthan  now I did complete my b tech degree in electrical engineering in 2012  Sir how I gate certificate of competency for electrical supervisor


Define bibo stability.


is it possible to have dc motors on single chip


clarify types of motor operated valves and advantages


What are the necessary components of the feedback control system?


1.What will be stored in online ups EPROM IC?


Where is the best place to mount  distribution panel in a house.