Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Do u know any one? how to find out in motor rated amps? formula?

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Dear sir, How to calculate 3.5 core pvc aluminium armoured cable meter wise,give with best examples.... please help me in this regards....

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What is reason to get a power factor nearly zero in resistive loads

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why square root 2 is multiplied with line voltage in selection of LA ie 11/sqrtroot3=6.35 kv and it is multiplied with sqrt2 ie 6.35 KV*sqrt2=8.9 kv we will select 9kv.my question is why we are multiplying with sqrt 2?


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Dear sir, How to calculate 3.5 core pvc aluminium armoured cable meter wise carrying amps rating.Please give the solution with a good example.

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Reason of secondary of ct always short


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If Three Runs of 1Cx300 Sqmm Cable between Transformer and VCB and the distance between 100mtrs. what will be total length of Cable and if cost 1500Rs per meter,what would be the total cost


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For Bus duct hi pot test, where we want to connect the return and ground leads?

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Is KCL applicable for close circuit?


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why ht line fuse wire is so thin


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A wattmeter is marked 15 A/30A, 300V/600V and its scale is marked up to 4500 watt. When the meter is connected for 30A, 1600V, the pointer indicates 2000 watts. The actual power in the circuit in


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how to calculate transformer turn primary & secondary side 11kv to 420v


how to give earthing in ships?

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on a three-winding transformer relationship delta-delta-star, on third winding why the relationship is a star? what are the advantages and disadvantages? Thank you and please help


What is FTA card? How it works?


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What are the different types of LT Cables?


Why MCCB is Getting tripped sometimes when there is no load in the Midnight ?


what is the function of Moulded case circuit breaker, why it is called Moulded?


what is the power rating of CPU, CRT type moniter, LCD type moniter,scanner Approx.


Why efficiency of generator is higher than motor at a particular load?


I want to replace the 3 KW DC motor with AC motor so what should be the rating of AC motor? Details Of DC motor to be changed with AC are - Kw - 3, Vf - 310, If - 0.15, Va - 400, Ia - 13, RPM - 2400


if the motor rated speed is 950rpm. how to change the above rated speed? is it possible?


Which material is used for the core of a transformer and why?


What are PLC leader logic program method


What is deference between MCB & MCCB & ISOLATOR


why we use four type of phase angle difference between pimary & secondry winding of a transformer & where we use them?


What is genrally the % Impedance of a Dg set? How can we calculate Earthing conductor size for a DG set?


how to calculate the no load current in transformer?


What will happened if the neutral of the (star connected secondry) Xformer disconnected? (if its Above KVA rated one)


What is the function of electron gun used in crt?