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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is active power and rective power and power factor

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why a pilot exciter is used in combination with the main exciter? why not only a main exciter is used for excitation to an alternator?


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what will happen, if both relay contact has live supply, and coil of relay activated


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What will happend if given Vfd out put to step up transformer


Why phase sequence ryb called colours.

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If NO contact of relay gets supply from other sources or other part of circuit and at a time relay coil activates,then current will flow in which direction & will it cause to damage relay??

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i need about 10 years of GATE solved papers in pdf format and even mock tests toooo


What is the RME and explain the full form and what is the RME work?



AC covered area by ton calculation

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What is a current transformer?


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how to reduce the co level in your 1000kva dg set side?


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what is interfacing in computer studies?


150 hp moter how many kwh in 1 hour and what forfula 3 phase kwh.

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Specify the crystal frequency required for an 8085 system to operate at 1.1MHz

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How much ampere can withstand for 2sq mm c able?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

1)we have 1000 cfm Blower,Dia-1Mtr,Velocity of air 94 m/s 2)We have Natural Air velocity 94m/s 3If i Put Wind Mill in natural air ,speed is 94m/s Then it will generate Assume 100kw 4)If i put same wind mill across the Blower,air speed is same 94m/s now the Question is Will it generate 100 kw?


how to calculate the step resistance for slipring induction motor,how you deside the no of step for that?


What Is Connection APFC Panel In Compony.


how to determine size of finolex power cables.


How we can recongnise the phase displacement of transformer connection between primary & scondary...plzzz explain it with example.........


How to calculate the current of Highpressure Mercury Vapour Lamp?what is the basis?whether we have to consider power factor or not?


sir pls tell me . our ct specifications are 120/5 ,2 core , 0.2 and 5p10 class , 30va and 30va buden. insted of 30 va i want use 15 va. can i use?


Best way to measure the Soil resistance of rocky soil, three probe method and four probe method


what is the minimum voltage require to injure our body?


Hi everyone. Some Generators uses 3-Pole breakers with extra contactors for Neutral. Some uses 4-Pole. Why so? What is the idea behind this? Thanks in advance for the solution. Kr.


how to calculate fault level?


how we can come to know that motor winding resistance which showing by DMM is right or wrong???is there any chart or something that we will compare & check???


hi plz send me reliance placement papers..i.e electrical technical papers that have been asked in reliance test.


what is is the potential diffrence between two phase ?


We have two parts in generator, electrical & mechanical. how it works?