Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Name the different control schemes of electric rive.


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Define the term factor of inertia.


How do you classify the different types of torques?

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Why a single-phase induction motor not an inherently self-starting machine?

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What do you mean by reverse current braking of an induction motor?

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What are the protective devices in a DC/AC motor starter?


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What is primary distribution and secondary distribution of ac power?

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What is meant by regenerative braking?

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Give the two basic speed control of DC shunt motor.

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Classify the different types of load.

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Define the overload capacity of the motor.

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What are the factors influence the choice of an electrc drive?


what is a circuit breaker. Weite the types of circuit breaker.

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what are the functions of power modulator?

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What are the advantages of speed control using thyrister?

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Why we are going for converter transformers for DC drives application instead of distribution transformer?


How many types of oil using in H/T & L/T Oil Circuit Breakers. need Explenation ?


What is different type of Electrical curve and how it protects the equipment's while up-normal situation?


A 400 V, 50 Hz, Δ connected synchronous generator has a field reactance of 0.1 Ω and armature resistance of 0.015 Ω. At full load, the machine supplies 1200 A at 0.8 pf lagging. Under full-load conditions, the friction and windage losses are 40 KW and the core losses are 30 KW. What is the machine’s overall efficiency? Ignore any field circuit losses.


where is core-type and shell-type construction suitable for transformers ?


why the protection turbo generators is most complex?


Name a govt approved university which have 100% online engineering course.


Why open circuit test of transformers is conducted at rated voltage??Why not any other voltage??


who invented active elements? plz give me the complte details of active elements...


i applied for c licence with my one year apperents trainee and i have attaced with A grade contractor company experiance that is for 14 monts experiance this document is sufeicant for c licence? pls tell why they rejected


we have provided 30 nos. relay contacts in panel.I want to know how do we do the numbering for the relay contacts as per any applicable standards


why Induction Generators are not "Black start" ? and apart from WTGs where this types of generator are generally used?


Dear Sir I am living in Jaipur Rajasthan  now I did complete my b tech degree in electrical engineering in 2012  Sir how I gate certificate of competency for electrical supervisor


What willbe change in programming when we use 5/3 solenoid inplace of 5/2 in operating of a cylinder?


If a high resistance fault occurs,then what are the changes will happen in the system?