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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Name the different control schemes of electric rive.


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Define the term factor of inertia.


How do you classify the different types of torques?

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Why a single-phase induction motor not an inherently self-starting machine?

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What do you mean by reverse current braking of an induction motor?

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What are the protective devices in a DC/AC motor starter?


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What is primary distribution and secondary distribution of ac power?

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What is meant by regenerative braking?

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Give the two basic speed control of DC shunt motor.

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Classify the different types of load.

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Define the overload capacity of the motor.

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What are the factors influence the choice of an electrc drive?


what is a circuit breaker. Weite the types of circuit breaker.

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what are the functions of power modulator?

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What are the advantages of speed control using thyrister?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

how we can decide that what value of ht line will come to any commercial building? (ans except According to the building load)


why dc is used in control circuits for MV & LV switchgeras instead of ac


oltc of a transformer, how it works? and what are the equipment consist of describe briefly?


1. Why is the speed of shunt motor practically constant? 2. Why dc series motor use to start with heavy loads? 3. advantages & disadvantages of separately excited generator over self excited generator?


2. A current i=(10+10 sin t)amperes is passed through MI type ammeter. its reading will be.........


how to convert lv line to hv line and viseversa, any losses will occur during this process


For an induction motor wat is the loading/unloading cycle duration or interms of L/UL ratio/ percentage?


what is under coal gassification?


where reactive power is used


How to back charge the Gas turbine generator


what is settable hystersis protection? If any body knows plz kindly post the answer..


What is the function of retrip in busbar?


My question is abt backlog.I had dropped one subject in my second year, and completed this subject in the 3rd attempt, so how many backlogs i have got?1 or 3?plz sujjest the answer as soon as possible


how to test power transformer.YNd11


What is DTR erection?