Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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When motor stater and roter air gap do big then what will moter.


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Impedance relay is directional relay or non directional relay?


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What is difference between Electrical & Electronic Device? 

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Explain and give examples about VCB?

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what is transient earth voltage

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how tto ingress mw in turbine explain.procedure ?

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How to calculate load requirement of a 50 flat apartment with 5 kw each unit,sizing of cable,transformer

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what does mean ct knee voltage and burden 

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In three phase, phase to phase voltage is 440 Volts, but the three phase motors are designed for 415 Volt, 50 hz, why

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A 3ph load of 10 KW is equal to how many KW of single phase .

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how do you tell if a avalanche button diode is a p or an

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I have iti elec, 1st aid, and 5 yrs experience in 7.5 mw power plant. Am i eligeble for 11kv license in telangana state..when, how to apply for that.?


how can we judge the percentage of load on the basis of temperature differences readings between WTI and OTI in a transformer


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What we change frequency from transformer. yes or no


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What is induction motor

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If there is major % of Voltage harmonics in the system, how can it be control or reduced?


What is the HVDC Transmission System? What are the conditions applicable to lay an HVDC Line?


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what is transient stability analysis means?


Sate maximum power transfer theorem?


we have one oven for 12 zone we are installed ir lamp in oven we control load from thyrister and 0 to 5vdc so our zone no 8 getting bright in fraction of second so what we do.. Please answer


What it the purpose of parallel phasing transfomers??


1))why we run three phase or three different circuit from a single conduit 2)) why not two circuit of different phase run in same conduit?? and why we run same three cicuit of same phae run in single conduit??


what is package substation.how many types they have


trasnfarmaer core make


what is the difference between capacitive and resistive voltage divider?


why we can stote dc? why we cant store ac?


3Cx240 & 3Cx300 sqmm Al. cable from lv side. What is the calculation for this cable??


how is the magnetic current test is different in delta-star and delta delta transformer.


What are the main faults of DC generators?