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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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When motor stater and roter air gap do big then what will moter.


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Impedance relay is directional relay or non directional relay?


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What is difference between Electrical & Electronic Device? 

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Explain and give examples about VCB?

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what is transient earth voltage

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how tto ingress mw in turbine explain.procedure ?

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How to calculate load requirement of a 50 flat apartment with 5 kw each unit,sizing of cable,transformer

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what does mean ct knee voltage and burden 

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In three phase, phase to phase voltage is 440 Volts, but the three phase motors are designed for 415 Volt, 50 hz, why

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A 3ph load of 10 KW is equal to how many KW of single phase .

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how do you tell if a avalanche button diode is a p or an

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I have iti elec, 1st aid, and 5 yrs experience in 7.5 mw power plant. Am i eligeble for 11kv license in telangana state..when, how to apply for that.?


how can we judge the percentage of load on the basis of temperature differences readings between WTI and OTI in a transformer


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What we change frequency from transformer. yes or no


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What is induction motor

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Use of switch mode power converter in real-time basis?


What is the formula to calculate the rating of power cable for three phase current.


how to find out 3 phase complex power in per unit in unbalanced system?


why on delay timer used for fully automatic star delta starter?


give me atleast four differences between circuit and network


What happens when ac supply is given as excitation voltage instead of dc supply


can any one provide me a connection wiring diagram for a DG set control panel along with BOM?


why the earth is taken minimum in supplying? wather it the proportional factor to getting work any equipment or a power plant?


Difference between Earthing Truck & Earthing trolly for HT panel


explain Density


how to calculate the tarriff for an industry whose kva demand is 10 mva


The magnitude of sum of two sinusoidal av voltage is equal to 230 volt.the magnitude of each individual voltage is also equal to 230 volt.what must be the phase difference between voltages?


where lt & ht capacitor used


why the NGR (neutral grounding resistor) always OFF during DG off?


Describe the colour rendering properties of i) tungsten filament lamps ii) tubular fluorescent lamp