Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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define superposition theorem thevnin theorem ,norton theorom?


difference between semiconductor & conductor & insulator?


what is bjt & mosfet? what is rectifier & diode?

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how to calculate the starting current of a motor? gopal


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how to determine the inrush current of a transformer


How to calculate the current in DG What are the type of power pls explain with related formulas

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Electrical breakdown strength of an insulating material depends on............?why because?

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how to copy from plc ge fanuc versamax series,all input and output, adress, and printout.



what is the difference between earthing and grounding of electric circuits

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explain working principle of earth leakage relay

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What is the definition of ohms law?

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Is motorized MCCB required rotatory handle

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I have motor of 3 H.P. How i found the rating of capacitor use in it in single phase motor..???


What is burden of ct,explain very simple


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What is Automatic interlocking circuit dighram between two contactor for DG SET panel.

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upto how many load can v connect to stabilizer which is used for tv


If I want to connect a capacitor bank on the HT side of a 11kV/415V, 3 phase delta-star distribution transformer to supply Reactive power to it..what practical specifications of a Capacitor bank that can i've??please reply..


When steam condenses and becomes water at the same temperature, the specific heat for the process in kJ/kg k is


for hipot test on 33kV busbar, we will test on 70 kV or 56kV, what is the acceptable leackage current?


What are the function of different components of servo motor?


what is mean by transition resistance of transformer?


Is a 300w induction motor used in a food processor as powerful as a 1000w DC motor.


how to know the diffrential relay setting of 06mva step- down (delta-star)transformer?


explain the what is a drive ? 0 4 which type motor r use in the celling fan..... PCB plannet 2 13 If stator & rotor of a 3-phase induction motor have different no. of poles, will the motor run or not?? types of drives Why dc supply is used for closing and tripping coil of ht breakers. What happen if we use only ups ac supply only. ACC 1 41 how the 3phase induction motor is running in 2phase supply with help of capacitor? 1 33 what is the actual difference betwen constructional details and constructional features? 1 20 how does commutator convert a.c to d.c?


how can we calculate the ampacity of the electrical wire/cable. and what are the factors must be considered. pls. elaborate.


i have attended the interview on 4th June,08 at Kolkata in IOCL, can anybody tell me what is its result


What is rotating magnetic field?Discuss elaborately.


Basic motor transformer generator


What is accuracy of a measurement?


A 100 kVA , 400 v/250 kv testing transformer has 8% leakage reactance and resistance on 100 KVA base . A cable has to be tested at 500 kv using the above transformer as a resonant transformer at 50 hz . if the charging current of the cable at 500 kv is 0.4 A find the series inductance required . Assume 2% resistance for the inductor to be used and the connecting leads . Neglect dielectric loss of hte cable . what will be the input voltage to the transformer ?