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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why we use ups battery and dsdb battery in thermal power plant



I had finished D.E.E.E at 2004,I wish to take C license.I am working pvt company HT supply but my professional certificate was missing.I have diploma & course completed certificate.without professinel may I got c license?.pls guide me.


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difference between converter and invertor

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Can I use star delta connected induction motor for dual supply voltage?


What is the physical significant of power factor?



what is the significant for using two types of voltage(line voltage & phase voltage)


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How to calculate the cross section area for a 350 m cable, motor power is 26 kw???


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what happens when a dc shunt motor fed with an alternating suppy ?

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What is the formula to calculate distribution transformer De-rating on iron losses basis



Dear All, Can anybody please tell me which value(saturated or unsaturated) of sub-transient reactance(Xd") we take for the calculation of fault current of the system?

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Petroleum jelly is applied to the terminals of the lead acid battery is to prevent?


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In a Capacitor the electric charge is stored in:

TELK Transformers And Electricals Kerala Limited,

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Rated moter voltage and frequency is 380volt 60 hz but moter is running at 380votac 50hz is this harmful for moter winding


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what happen if the battery is charged by more than one source ,for ex: connecting data cable to laptop & charger pin to source supply ? 

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When testing an earthing connection, we use a 60 or 100 candle bulb with a phase connected direct from supply and the other wire to the new earthing provided.If the bulb glows then the earth is ok.Else earth connection is not Ok. So, why dont we can use all the home appliances taking a single wire from the phase and the return connection to Earth instead of return connection to neutral?

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whats the differece between Exd and Exe


What is relation between mu(nought) and epsilon(nought)?


what about GD square and its important for motor design?


How we calculate DC inducation moter Amp? Sir pls give me formula......


how to carry out Magnetizing Current Test on Distribution transformer and what purpose we are doing this test. why transformer rating in always in KVA ? what ispositive, negative, zero sequence impedence? How ElCB tripping if Neutral touch with ground Why AC & DC capacitor are use in UPS ? why motor rating in KW? how to syncronize two dg sets


what is v/f control in VFD?


3 shows a 415 V, 3-phase generator supplying a 3-phase 415/110 V transformer. Draw the individual and combined impedance diagrams to a base of 10 kVA. Determine the system fault kVA and the fault currents at the 415 V and 110 V busbars for short circuit faults on the transformer input or output terminals. Work in p.u. values of impedances.


I have 1500/1A CT If i connect this CT in 6.6KV bus bar means what will be the voltage present in CT?


Why star delta starter is preferred with induction motor?


How do we calculate transformer oil in liter from the rating of the transformer.


advantages and disadvantages of inverse definite minimum time RELAY


What is the automatic voltage regulator with servomotor?


what is the function of bearing in dc mchine" and where it is placed


what is the soft starter principle? how is connection diagram? what is the procedure for checking the connection?


how much LT load can bear by the 100 KW HT connection.