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Hi frnds :) plz tell me that i have 100 KVA 3 phase generator so by thumb rule 100*1.4 = 144 amps and generaly we can operate at 80% load...so it will 144*0.8 =112 amps.... so now i m confused about single phase load.....if we use that generator only for single phase the that 112 amps is total single phase load or i can give 112 amps at red 112 amps at yellow and 112 amps at blue.... i mean that total single phase load that 100 KVA generator will take is 112+112+112=336 amp ??


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Diagram on interconnectivity of 11kv transformer with RMU (i.e, one incoming and two outgoing or two incoming and one outgoing)



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what is the difference between 230v and 115v?

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What is Synchronization of generator,where and how it is achieved.


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How much area is covered by a single lightning arrestor to protect object from lightning strokes ?

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why earth wire is needed in a wiring system

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What is the difference between Neutral And Earth ?

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What is boost transformer in railway??

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How to select a cable size according to load

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What is the knee point voltage of CT-100/5,15VA,5P20 ?


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In CT, burden is 15 VA and protection 5P20,CT ratio is 100:1 then what would be the knee point voltage ?


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what is difference between ac voltage and ac current


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My system is 22kv/3.3kv transformer. client is asking to use NGR, but as we have dedicated Neutral Earthing systems which has a value less than 1 Ohm. So i want solid comparision. Why i should not use NGR as my system is already protected.Can any one help me to get out of this.how should i reply on basis of some great comparision and calculations. Please help


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What is cable gland,why does use for?


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Name a govt approved university which have 100% online engineering course.


The metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear is subdivided into three types: 1. metal-clad switchgear and controlgear; 2. compartmented switchgear and controlgear 3. cubicle switchgear and controlgear. What is the main differnence between them. State some example.


Hi all I had applied for the RRB test in the ELECRICAL category. I would be pleased if any of you can sent me previous year question papers. Please forward the question papers to varshashahi@yahoo.com Thanks and regards Varsha


What will happen if a dc source is given to a tubelight. Will it work or wont it work....


what is meant by brushed alternator & its working principle ?


What are the temperature elements?


A logic circuit that provides a HIGH output if one input or the other input, but not both, is HIGH, is a(n)?


How do i right a ladder diagram that has 1 actuator that performs a full stroke followed by a half stroke


what happens to the supply voltage if there is any change in frequency?


what is the relationship between phase & neutral


what is the setting of locked rotor in HT motor ? (answer expecting in percentage)


Why we use mho Relay in long transmission line?


why co incidence factor considered in transformer sizing?


When we have earthing mesh or underground earthing network in industrial plants, weather we have NT-S or NT-C-S kind of earthing system, so eventually weather we must use 4 or 5 wire in 400 volt level (For example 3×150+70 mm2 or 5×150 mm2) in this connection I would like to know exactly the paragraph of IEC or IEEE number


What is the difference between amorphous core transformer and CRGO core transformer?.