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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What can be a rating of a transformer(KVA) if the load is about 1000KW?illustrate by showing formula?

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What are the different types of trap used for Indian & western Toilets?

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What is purpose of reactor?.What is different between line and bus reactor?


1 ton aircondition(AC)consume how much watt?

Indus Towers,

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How does the humidity affect in breakdown voltage of air?. Is the breakdown voltage increases with the humidity?

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why scott connection is done why not two phases are directly picked at the output of 3 phase transformer??

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what kind of material to be used after ngr unit? cu or GI


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what is surge voltage and surge current?


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What is the difference between IGBT and TRIAC?

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Why the power factor of the alternator in power plant is kept .8 lagging. Can't we maintain it at 1.

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In 3.5X150 cable what does 150 stand for outer dia or inner dia?

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How to calculate that clean water supply in one Day from 150 KLD STP?


what is the working principle of electrical generator

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What happens to a line-frequency of high-frequency transformer when it is first energized/ re-energize?


what happen ehen synchronisation is done at below rated speed


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

give me a clear defination of inductance,and how can u calculate inductance of a motor


How is the speed of a DC shunt motor related to the armature current?


what is meant by tranformer impedance?


How to calculate no of EARTH PIT? Describe the formula as per IS standard?


what is tri state logic gate


i want bhel placement paper for electrical if anybody having pl send to my id immediately


11 kV line deraction check by an Engineer.


What is CVT and what is relation with wave trap?


Can RCD's used to protect the VVVF drive if not why.


can u describe the method used for protection of transmission line.


i need previous entrence exam papers of nhpc.


please send the IS strandard for electrical to


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ac motors?


What are the advantages & disadvantages of a group electrive drive?


what will be the effect if you were using different brands of outlets?