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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How stabilizer works??


what are the disadvantages in GIS over AIS

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How could I get a certificate of competency as Electrical Supervisor? I have completed By BTech in Electrical this year(2012) for VJTI Mumbai Maharashtra. Is it compulsory to be produced while joining?



why the manufacturer provide M and C terminals ? why they will not internally short them ?

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how to get electrical supervisour certificate in gujarat


When we have earthing mesh or underground earthing network in industrial plants, weather we have NT-S or NT-C-S kind of earthing system, so eventually weather we must use 4 or 5 wire in 400 volt level (For example 3×150+70 mm2 or 5×150 mm2) in this connection I would like to know exactly the paragraph of IEC or IEEE number



What is the difference between Contactor and Circuit breaker ?

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how we decide wire gauge for ac or dc coil and what is the basic diff. B/w these two coil?


what is demagnetising effect & crossmagnetising effect and how it is related to electrical system?is there any more effects are available or only these two??


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why the rotor current becomes in steady state during high slip region? please verify with equations.


I am getting diesel genset 62 kv for my house In addition there are 6 meters of 11kv for the house Lift also being installed for house plot sise 200sq yds total 4 + 2 foloors I want to know how much earthing required how deep it should be

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why in india the voltage generate multiply by 11,,,like 220v,440v,11kv,33kv,66kv,220kv,

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how to select energy meter? have any calculation?


why the Parameters : Base Voltage & Maximum Voltage can't be equal in value in a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) ? How much the base voltage would be lower than the maximum voltage ? If 400 V is the 3 phase output of a VFD ... then what should be the base voltage ? thanks a lot


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Do inductive loads have distorted current waveforms ?


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How much of the total hydro power potential has been exploited so far in india?


1- XC and the RC time constant are both measures of the reaction of C to a change in ____? 2-The power factor is a numerical ratio with a value between 0 and 1 equal to the ______________ of the phase angle. 3-When V and I are out of phase because of reactance, the product of V times I is called ______________ power 4-For _____________ inductors, the branch currents can be added algebraically. 5- The ______________ power in watts can be calculated as I^2R 6-Calculate XL with L = 30mH and f = 1kHz ( I have Xl=2piFL 2*3.141592653*1kHz*30mH =188 ohms Please check) 7-A parallel RL circuit has the values, R = 5kohms, XL = 5kohms. A voltage source of Vt = 10Vrms is connected in parallel to R and L. Determine the total current, It delivered by the voltage source Vt. 8-A series RC circuit has R = 1Mohm and C = 1microF. How long would it take for the capacitor to fully discharge if it is initially fully charged? 9-A circuit has real power = 300W and an apparent power of 500VA. Determine the power factor and phase angle. 10-The time constant for an LR series circuit is T = 0.1s and R = 10ohms. Calculate the inductance L.


sir, i am 3 years diploma course pass out candidate.what type of certificate can i got in marine service.


What is a differential amplifier?


Difference between Lugs and Thimbles


How to size fuse? How to size MCB?


What is the formuala to calculate the rating of motor protection circuit breaker


How many types of oil using in H/T & L/T Oil Circuit Breakers. need Explenation ?


how can i improve the power factor in domestic (230v)


how to select size of hardware for linking aluminium busbar is it depend on area of busbar or current flowing through bus bar


working of diesel generator ?


Why two phase welding machine is used instead of three phase welding machine.


Dear all i am kumaravel. now in chennai. my work is control and relay panel auto cad designing.up to 11kv to 400kv then question is i am improving my knowledge. i want some books name and auther are available for this C&R panel related. plese any one help me


what is different between relay and plc?


what is the clear formula to calculate cable size for a load