Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why dc supply is given to the field of alternator

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1.why is +1+1=+2 why cant it be +3 2.Why is +1*-1=-1 why cant it be something else 3.why are the hilly areas more cooler than the ordinary areas?


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can we use 7volt DC BATTERY to run a 60watt motor by stepup? Give reason for your answer?

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when will be the iocl interview results ifaced the interview on september 8 th



What is ELR, and where it is used ?


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what is meant by GOD in transmission system ?


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why motor starting current is High ?

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Why fuel tanks to be earthed ?

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why 400Hz is used for aircraft systems ?

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a 3 phase motor was running with delta connected, suddenly one phase winding got burnt off, what will be the effect ?

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why 3 phase motors are preferable over single phase motors ?

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can SMPS work in DC supply ?

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How DC earth leakage currents can be reduced ?


what is the design factor that affects the size of a motor ?

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why ELCB's are not useful for operation theater equipments ?


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What is the type of earth fault protection used in battery? explain.


what is mean by descripiency relay? & wht is its ansi code?


what are the industrail measures to over ferranti effect? how would the ferranti effect the power system if those remedial mearsure arent taken? how often does this effect occurs in real power system?


what is the differance between HT motors And LT MOTORS.


if an insulated power and control cables of a running gas diesel gensets laid direct in an open trench i.e, trench bed is not rcc of a power house in which rain water, spillage water alwas exists and all power control cables remains submerged even when gas gensets of 480 kw each runningin on load. These power &control cables runs from power house to switchgear room through these trenches in which water remains most of the time. pl explain its merit & de-merit


Can we indroduce the principle of single phase induction mator to Transformer? i.e. by Producing rotating flux in the transformer.


completed BE & done apprentice at tneb & having experience 6 years. want to get c license. will apprentiship & BE be helpful for getting c license. will i get any preference by showing this?


How to measure the Harmonic Distortion of UPS ie THD?


Describe the test procedure to determine the vector group


I want to know all basics of electrical engineering


I want formula to calculate cable size as per load given in length & amp. I searched many sites but didn't right answer. Please reply me asap.


I had applied for JE in PSEB, Can you pls send me the Question bank for related to my field


1sq mm dc powr cable can carry how much dc currnt


why generator efficiency is more in swinburnes test?


Hi.. I am a BE GRaduate in E&E. I have 8.5 Experience in Tendering & Estimation field. I have done SAP SD course few years back. But due to some reason i failed to get job in that field and continued my own field. Now I am thinking of changing into SAP seriously. How should i go ahead???