Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the function of buchhos rely in transformer

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what is the function of conservater in transformer

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what is the function of cooling tubes in transformer

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kindly tell me how the load on generator increase by just increasing the fuel of prime mover, as if for exampple 20 MW gen set is synchronized the load ramps from zero to 20 MW gradully and during this procress only fuel of prime mover increases. Which thing determines the load on generator with respect to fuel


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Hi, Next week Iam appearing RRB exam for section engineer. So help me to get modal question papers for this position. Iam very thankful to you. Whether question will be fully techanical format or general form. Please give me a details regarding this exam.


Why the dc voltage drop during starting of emergency lube oil pump? The Voltage drop from 135kv to 125 kv for one min. before re-establish to 135kv?


Differenciate between circuit wiring and sub main wiring with illustrations



3. What is Impedance Voltage in Transformer?

L&T, Torrent Power, KESC,

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5. What is PMG in Alternators?


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Why restricted earth fault protection is needed? Why can’t differential Protection is sufficient?


why are you interested in joining in core company instead of joing in software company

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how to test vector groups in transformer differential relay.

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Is it true that IPT are more accurate than CVT for Measuring purpose?

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is emf is indued if dc is passed through coil

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why transformer not work in dc

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Is there any Institution for giving M-tech in Electrical engineering for those who r in service? Give the details please.


I am a electrical engg. diploma holder,applied for junior engineer (electrical),Kolkata RRB. Have I to attend all electrical,mechanical&civil portion in written exam.???


1- What is the Polarization Index number be good for 15KV 3c#500MCM electrical cable? 2- Can I use the IEEE Std 43-2000 to perfom the PI test? Thanks


What is the difference between acs 550 & acs 850


How many points does a Circuit can have?


What are the types of the glands and difference between single and double compression type of cable Glands.


stand by earth fault protection (51G) for transformer rating 2000 kVA,Dyn11,33/0.400 V. LV NCT ratio and necessary resistor and metrosil values how to calculate


why the pf of semiconductor device is improved the electrical devices


How DC earth leakage currents can be reduced ?


why we get 2 differnet values for power factor in 2 watt meter method in 3 phase


What is the general power consumption rating of CPU CRT type and Flat type, Monitor,Printer, projector, Scanner?


how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING)IO (current operating


excitation limit of an excitor


1)How much current can a 3-1/2 core 100 mm wire carry? 2)What are the special cables required for explosion proof wiring? 3)In case you do not have coal and salt for earthing, how can you achieve good temporary earthing? 4)One horse power single phase motor is more likely to get hot than a one horse power 3 phase motor. Is it true or false, if true why? 5)What are the different types of soft starters for large motors?please explain?


How to calculate the fuse rating depend upon the DC circuit?