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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how to find out speed of single phase motor


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Why two nos. un-tensioned wires are placed inside the PSC poles used by powergrid in RGGVY works.

Bhel, Power Grid,

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how much winding resistance of 0.75kw to 12.5kw 3ph sqwiralcage induction motor?


what is the minning of propotional, integral, derivative ?

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i work as a technician at a private company.. i used to take amp reading for certain appliances such as air con.. the problem is when i clamp the neutral, wire there is a current reading.. from my understanding for single phase system neutral should not have current unless if the circuit is not complete.. yet the air con still work

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what will be the effect on a bulb in case its connetion is change from live and neutral to live and ground??? 1) in case of single phase AC supply 2) in case of DC supply.......???

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what will happen when excitation of a synchronous machine is suddenly reduce to zero when it is running at full load..??

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Why a transformer is known as a static device?

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the current which flows during lightening is ac or dc,,,,,,,,,,, WHY

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in thermal power plant the steam produced is made to cool after falling on the turbine blades. my question is why this is done while the same is needed to heat up again. "jab pani ko wapis garam hi karna hai to thanda kyu karte hai"


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When Neutral exceeds or equals the phase current in both single phase * three phase system?

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how to Select its CORE in electrical cables based on its applications? or Application of various types of electrical cable based on it CORE?


We are having Chemical earthing pit the voltage between neutral to earth showing 22V how to solve that

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how much watts are equal to one unit of energy meter?

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if transmission voltage expressed as the multipple of form factor(1.11)........11,33,66,220 etc......then why madakkathara substation(kerala) voltage is 400kv..not 440.....?


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

Can any one provide the inspection procedure of MIMIC for VFD panel? Details: If someone wants to have a mimic in the VFD panel what are inputs considered for the mimic(like on,off,trip) whether we are able to add speed variation in the mimic(if so how can we get) and what are the parameters to be checked in the MIMIC during inspection?


what are the things that can cause a three phase motor to crawl?


Is there any problem about which the drive (inverter) doesn't show/display the alarm and/or fault but instead of this , it doesn't work ? I want to know that could there be any kind of problem in the drive when the drive doesn't display the alarm and/or fault ?


How will you define capacitance?


As a electrical engineer.. what are the basic norms should follow in transformer oil testing.. 1.What is the Electrode type? 2.How long time you will give for oil testing?


What is installed in PAC that is control the humidity


Can any one give an explanation about rating factors of cable? if we are laying the cable on the air with an temp 15 degree then rating factors will be 1.15 and if we are laying the cable on the air an temp 60 degree then rating factor will be 0.76 please describe it and what is the difference between rating factor and derating factor?


Why we are using Isolation Power Transformer inplace of commercial power transformer? What's the difference between them?


how to maintain frenquncy with syncronising sub-station for distribution


how does grading rings & spacers in transmission line works? Working Principle?


how to build a network which step down 415v to 1v rms


Define settling time.


How is efficiency of DG set calculated? At many places I found the efficiency to be mentioned in percentage. But at some other places I found kWH/ litres. I want to know how dimensionless percentage value is arrived at?


I have a relay contact rated at 220v dc which is supplied with a 24vdc from the panel,for it to trip the dampers(24vdc).What if the application of the relay changes so that it should work at its rated 220vdc then will it work at 24vdc supply given or any other consideration needs to be taken .....


What is resonant frequency?