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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what are the different type of transformers available in markets???

Atomic Energy Commission,

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what will happen if we use earthing inplace of neutral for domestic energy meter

Polyplex Corporation Limited,

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While elctrical load on DG,capacitor banks kept off why so? If capacitor banks on is their any effect DG?

IL&FS Infrastructure Leasing Financial Services,

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why do we use 3 single phase instead of one 3 phase?? though vee connection is its advantage but what is the hidden reason behind it??

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We have 420volts, Diesel gen-sets each 750kva 4nos. we are operating with bus bar duct having 10x150mm for each face 4nos. our question is what is the minimum gap required between each face? is there any satutory regulations?

Alliance One,

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how we have to calculate the short circuit current for 33/11kv 2mva, 7.5% Z, Transformer primary side breaker and secondary side breaker short circuit current for both sides?.

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what is the advantages of Lighting transformer?.. is it possible to reduce the power consumption ?.

Lucas TVS,

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transformers? power factor? machiences?

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how can u say about the line by looking at the tower ? {voltage rating of the line}

BARC, London,

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how inductance related to number of turns in a choke

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what is tan delta measurement?..... why that terminal is earthed.....?

Power Grid,

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Why only 1ph,2ph,3ph supplies are universally used?? Why not 4ph or 5ph??

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diffance between eletrical and eletronics?

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What is the difference between XLPE & FRLS cables? Is FRLS cables is a type of XLPE cable or both r different?

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Why it need to form a capcitor when it not been in use from three or two year. Plz describe it technically.


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

difference between crane drive and line drive.


what is the formula of starting current of 3phase and 1 phase motor???


I am shobana from Chennai. I am having my personal interview on 19th Dec at Chennai.kindly mail me the questions to mail id


Between educational qualification and practical work experience, give us a brief explanation on your practical experience in your past Endeavour that you performed well to the satisfaction of your past or present employer?


How u can give the overload setting to any motor protection relay for a HT motors with formula and Example?


A 100W electric lamp is supplied from a 115V, 60HZ source. The peak instantaneous power dissipated in the lamp filament is


why are distributed windings generally used in alternators?


What do you mean by ratio correction factor of instrument transformer?


How to design a Unit auxiliary transformer for a power house having a unit of 65 MW and Generating voltage of 11 KV and Secondary voltage of 433V


State the frequency for rc phase shift oscillator?


I had applied for JE in PSEB, Can you pls send me the Question bank for related to my field


what is the use of expulsition protective gap in 11Kv line.


How a capacitor discharge weld power supply works? what is the use of a pulse transformer?


how to design the heater in temperature control unit to heat 50KL of water?


in a silicon diode we can measure .7v in a voltmeter.but why we can't use this voltage for using?