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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why Phase to Neutral get spark

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sir, iam a electrical engg graduate and i want to go in automation sector and for this i have decided to do industrial training for this,plz suggest me some good institute for the same in delhi,ncr. my degree percentage is 58%, can i get job after doing training, plz help....


from 33kv to 440v 2mva transformer how much full load current will be at ht side and lt side and which range of ctpt will be used?

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wat is the need of capacitor on aceiling fan?

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wat is the function of an inductor? examples.....

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wat is the current produced in a 5000v megger? when the positive and negetive terminals are touched on our body get s shock?



some meggers have three terminals. wat is the real function of the earth terminal?

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why dc did not flows to earth?

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what is rotary ups?

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How to calculate HV Cable Sizing & what are the factors to be considered for selection?.

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waht is the working principle of saft starter & what is the difference in vfd & saft starter


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what is the clearance time circuit breakr?

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What do you meant by soft start?

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what is the method of earthing of a transformer using electrodes?


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

Is it required to use Automatic transfer Switch in L&T panel board if we use AMF panel with DG set? How the single line diagram will be? Please forward the material to


Why we used 690V in ACS 800 drives.Why dont use standard voltage like 415v or 1.1Kv


what questions are asked in the interview for the post of an electrical maintenance engineer in FMCG companies?


Is single load(eg: three phase motor) having all the components like positive,negative,zero sequence components during fault condition?


which cable is used for 15 Hp monoblock pump 3phase and service wire Distance is 210 feet please tell me cable size Armaured


What is the limitation of kirchoffs law?


What is servo motor? what is its purpose?


how to measure winding resistance of single phase motor?


What are the specifications for conducting earth leakage test as per IEC standard?


high voltage transformer input voltage,current and amps rating..distributed transformer input voltage,current and amps rating...


how can found motors folt current ? how can disided circuit breakers caoicity and breaking capicity ?


How to Calculate Transformer Earthing Electrode Rod Size both Body and neutral Earthing ? Any Standard Formula? Please Suggted


Why is ignitor used in sodium vapour lamp


what is the difference b/w ground & virtual ground?


Why and when NGR panel required. Is it necessary to design a NGR panel for a 6.6kV Alternator paralleling with Grid????