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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is restricted earth fault protection ?

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why a diode bridge is provided in vcb control circuit ?

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maximum transmission voltage in india ? & where is it situated ?


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how to increase the power factor in machines

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What is mean by earthed & unearthed cable? Voltage grade of 1.9/3.3 kV(E), 3.3/3.3 kV(UE), 3.8/6.6 kV(E)what it indicates??

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resitance in ac=1.6*resistance in dc

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Hello Can I use step up HV transformer 440/4160V as a step down? Thanks Evgeny

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what do you mean by mf of energy meter & its formula?

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What is Procedure the procedure to select CT's & PT's in 66kV and above substation?


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What is GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear)

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What is meant by "tampering detection" of a electrical energy meter?

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difference between EMVT, PT & CVT ?

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while calculating the power absorbed by a resistor connected to the output of a half wave rectifier circuit should we use rms or average current? explain with reason.


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can we say current flows inside an atom as electron moves inside an atom?


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is IS says that neutral should be brought to switch box. and this one is a recomended practice

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

What is the practical way to calculate the cable size for known ampere load?


i have completed deee and i've (June2012-feb 2015 experience in electrical maintenance in pvt ltd having HT & LT electrical to apply electrical C-license ,NOW I was resigned my job,what are requirements of applying for c-license


How you give clearance to a spare feeder.


why we are using in reverse power relay in generator singranizing


True or false question. 1.The fuse provide phase and neutral 2.power loss in electrical circuit can take place in (resistance or inductance or capacitance). 3.two phase system each phase has separated by a phase difference of (90 or 180 or 270 or 45). 4.3 phase balanced star connected load neutral current shall be (line current or phase current or zero or unity)


are there rmu for 3 transformer?


Advantages of using generator circuit breaker (GCB) scheme in a power station ?


difference between the applicability of nortons and thevenin theorem


explain the Trip supervision circuit


what is lumped and distributed elements?


where can the transformer having vector group Yny0 be used??


how to calculate transformer load?


Why let through energy not considered for ACB breaker while cable sizing?


When calculating the speed of a rotor required for a particular frequency of synchronous generator we use the equation 60f/p Is this p is the number of pole pairs of rotor & do we consider the number of pole pairs in the stator is 1?


how to calculte capacitor range for single phase induction motors??pls tel