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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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is a normal conductor can be used a core in windings if not what is the winding core speciality.

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can we light the mercury vapour (tube light)with out a 1).starter and 2).choke in our homes if yes explain how?

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why most of the induction motors are delta connected?

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Can we connect two or more energy meters/Amp meters on one CT set(Three phase).

Parle, Watermark Engineering,

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How to calculate the actual 3phase power, if the load current of each phase is not balanced

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why air handling unit interloking in case of fire

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How to calculate the KA rating for a circuit breaker if we know the KVA rating of the generator feeding it?

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1. What is differential relay? How it operates? 2.How to calculate the Short Circuit Impedance in Transformer? 3.What is the alternate solution for testing of polarity by using polarity tester while its milli ammeter does not works? 4. While testing the 33KV Busbar by using Hipot kit, what should be the test voltage we have to apply? 5. What is the procedure/activities to be taken to inject the current more than 2000A by using 2000A Loading Transformer? 6. Explain how you can give the overload setting to any Motor Protection Relay for a HT motors with formula and example? 7. Why restricted earth fault protection is needed? Why can’t differential Protection is sufficient? 8. What should be the minimum and maximum ohmic value for earthing? 9. Why DC Currents are not used in transformer? 10. What is the Frequency while we step up the voltage from 220V to 11KV? Is it possible? Explain it?


11. As per the theory current doesn’t flows in Neutral, but practically it is not applicable, explain why? 12. How to take the Vector Group Test in Transformer? What is the purpose of doing Vector Group Test? 13. Why the transmission lines are in 11kV, 22kV, 33kv, and why not 10kV, 20kV, 30kV? 14. Why do we generate 3 Phase AC Supply? It is possible to generate 4 Phase and 5 Phase explain it? 15. Explain why the Voltage drop will happen in 3 Phase line? 16. What is the equipment used to control the generator output? 17. What are the factors to be considered during the Synchronization? 18. What should be value of Circuit breaker operating time and tripping time? 19. Why the CT Secondary is rated as 5A generally? 20. At which time Synchronous generator act as a Synchronous Condenser?

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21. What is the purpose of taking Capacitance and Tan Delta Test in Transformer bushing? 22. What are the protections to be used for Generator? 23. Draw the vector diagram and condition for the following: 1) Dyn1 2) Ynd0 3) YnYn0 24. What happens when the polarity changes in CT? Explain briefly? 25. Explain the Term in CT Name Plate – Class: 5P10

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How to calculate cable size in sq units based on motor rating is KW

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what is the full form of XLPE adn there use.


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what is the difference between power transformer & distribution transformer and what are their ratings respectively?

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what happen if transformer neutral not earth

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sigal phase supply is 230 v ac two phase supply is 415 v ac then why three phase supply having supply is 415 v ac why not 690v ac

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for hipot test on 33kV busbar, we will test on 70 kV or 56kV, what is the acceptable leackage current?


Explain the purpose of inductor in an electric circuit?


testing of Vector Group – YNaoD II


how to calculate the capacitor to maintain power factor?


Explain cmrr?


How is the resonant peak, resonant frequency, and bandwidth determined from nichols chart?


why does a dc machine has high efficiency while working as a generator than as a motor ..


why cable i burning without tripping. how can protect led street lights


Write down the name of 2 lady Bir Pratin of Bangladesh


how to measure dc earth leakage current?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the dc motors?


Why the cores of large transformers build up of circular cross section?


How to calculate the current of Highpressure Mercury Vapour Lamp?what is the basis?whether we have to consider power factor or not?


can anybody sent me power grid questions. what subject should i prefer for preparation?


How to calculate the time setting for star connection in star delta starter? For example 10KW 3PH Induction motor.