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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Dear Mr B C pal...Can you plz. put some light on principle of operation of Z-Ct in conjunction to its use with 1Cx1000Sqmm HT Cables & Directional Ground Fault / Over Voltage Relays...Regd..Parag v K 9899115632


Explain about 3 phase motor fault current calculation with examples?



Initially motor starts with star connection ,after few timing changes to delta connection, why the motor should run continously in star connection,it gives high torque & low current?

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what is effect of reverse c.t connection on metering.

Cushman Wakefield,

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What are the advantages of D.O.L Starter in 3 phase induction motor?

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while running ,synchronous generator is being turned off.what will happen to the current flow??

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What happen if field ckt is open when a sailent pole alternator connected to infinite bus

Bhel, Nilkamal,

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without name plate detail of blower how we can find out the HP & Rpm ? the input voltage is 230v single phase

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What should be distance required in between two phase of HT cionductors in open area??????

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For a DY11 lighting Transformer on primary side whee to connect fourth lead? from nuetral or from ground?


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what heppend if we are connected u1-v1-w1 as a star point in the place of u2-v2-w2 in power genration


Dear sir, By which formula u can calculate for a particular kv line there is a range of mw.


R u say ,that is there is any flux in your room.

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In which connection the voltage will be more , in star or delta connected motor?

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why we do occ & scc test in transformer ?how we can do it ?

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11 kg trivevter meter has rating of -/5amps. And pt ratio11000/110v and is connected with 11kv ct/pt unit of cr ratio 75/5amps. And pt ratio of 11000/110v while checking accuracy of meter with HT Accuchek meter what value of PT ratio and CT ratio to be filled in Accuchek meter


i am studying in final year can i allowed for 23rd UES of Indian army


Explain forward resistance, static resistance and dynamic resistance of a pn junction diode.


How to operate a ac chilar plant?


why we can stote dc? why we cant store ac?




1sq mm dc powr cable can carry how much dc currnt


what is meant by twilight switches 7 where its applicable ?


why ht cable end termination don't have a gland?


what are the condition that makes hooter blow?


In EHV transmission line a neutral grounding reactor is often placed at neutral point of shunt reactors. What is the recommended protection for this neutral grounding reactor? Should I use a fast closing switch to bypass neutral grounding reactor when this protection operates?


After completing iti in electrician, how can i get certificate of electrical supervisor? What ia requirements. For it?


how can I calculate charging current of cable/overhead conductor? what is roll of voltage in it ?


hello friends..... any one have papers or any study materials?sail ,hpcl...?


How to select a contactor? How many types of contactors are available