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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Will transformer heating be approximately the same for resistive, inductive or capacitive loads of the same VA rating? Explain.

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in a dc shunt motor what happens if motor takes high current,no speed

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What is stray current in DC Traction?


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what is meant by armature reaction & where its happen ?

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Regarding units, for voltage we are denoting Volts as V but in case of current we are not denoting Ampere as A instead as I..Why..? Any technical reason for this..?

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how DC motor operating in detail .pls any one guide me .iam not clear idea about that .thank u

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what is the difference between squirrel cage & slip ring induction motor?

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what is ups?how its works?and what is there in static switch how it works?


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What is C curve and D curve of MCB?


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how give earthing conection to household equipment?


how give earthing to shif and aeroplane which is away from earth?


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in thermal overload relay class 10A indicate what


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Size of the power cable like 1.5,2.5,4 which area calculated from whick area or how specified the size?


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why distribution transformer is uesd in Delta/Star formation?is there any significance in doing this?If yes then breif?

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why generation is done in delta nad transmission in star? brief

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what will happen when the dc supply is given to the capacitor?


how dose servo motor works


why they were using TRIAC instead relay in some controllers and what is the advantages.


How to calculate capacitor bank size at a load 800kVA.


How we can calculate the consumption in kwh of motor on basis of kw @100% load, @50% load & @ no load.


what are your career plans upon completion of the programme and the relevance of recity generation to your professional development?


What is cable tray, its type, and its support?


How to know the following data of synchronous generator 1. D-Axis Unsaturated Reactance 2. D-Axis Unsaturated Transient Reactance 3. D-Axis Unsaturated Sub - Transient Reactance


What cmos is and its benefits?


Why i receive the GCU fault in my DG Sychronization panel . what all the factors considered for this fault .


How to Calculate The sag of OPGW in Transmission Line???


Why PT voltages are measured with respect to ground? What do u mean by voltage or current polarized.


what is the prinsiple of dc motor and construction and working ,application of dc motor.


Does all the output contacts (N/O as well as N/C) of a Numerical relay operate when relay receives a binary input/inputs or contacts are designated to specific logic input/inputs and only these contacts operate?


why do we carry out winding resistance test?