Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the PIU.


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PIU how does work?


What is the Power Plant.


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How many types of AC current?

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As we know,charged clouds(from which lightning stroke initiates)may be charged with either +ve charge or -ve charge. Now say one cluster of cloude is fully charged with +ve charge & another cluster is fully charged with -ve charge. In the sky these two cluster of charged clouds have come in such a distance that, if they come clouser by some few yeards then the lightning discharge will take place between these two cluster of clouds. Under such a situation an Aircraft came inbetween. what happend??

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what is the function of NAT & NAC contacts in breaker control switch (TNC)??

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what is the difference betn earthed and unearthed cables which is commanly used why?

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In electrostatic precipitator why positive terminal of tranformer rectifier unit is grounded?

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I have tow 200 KVA UPS, both are in parallel mode.My question is that, both are running on battery when power fail, if one of them fail (Eg rectifire fails or some other reason), at thet time reverse power will come to faild ups if it comes then it will harm to failed ups or not? if not then how it protects to faied ups????????????????

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In ups static switch if i gives the supply at output end it will open the circuit in stactic switch or not if it will open then how it operates.


what is the higest transmission voltage and generated voltage in india

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I want to know the standards for earthing system as per IEC, BIS & IEEE.

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Can anybody post questions asked in Engineers India Limited Interview? Thanks in advance.

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what is the difference between the 94 lockout relay and 86 lock out relay. I have noticed that the 94 lockout relay is activated when the distance realy is activated and 86 is activated when the 87T differential is activated. but why can't the same lockouts be used for both the protection schemes


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What is the difference between AMF panel and DG Synchronization panel? please define the working of both the panels?

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What is the working principle of MIG welding? and its out put Voltage?


who many types of fire explane with exmple


How can we convert 11 kv to 440 volt without using transformer ?


relation between power station capacity and voltage level?


what is the benefit of floating our DC source? if i have two floating DC source of which 1 has a ref voltage of -21VDC and the other of -18VDC. can it be connected in parallel to share a common ref voltage? if not, how do i make both sources to be of common ref voltage? tks


what will happen if synchronous machine rotor fed from single phase ac supply 


I am having dual speed motor of cromton greaves make of 3.7 KW -1400 rpm and 5 KW - 900 rpm. Please let me know groups and winding connction for rewinding purpose.


from generating station If 400v LT line length is 1000m how much voltage is drop and how do i calculate it? which cable will be use for this line?


at work i have a genertor/alternater what is the easyest way to work out if it is dc or ac?


does buccholz in a transformer use batteries


how we can calculate 2 phase welding transformer rating or total power?


What is the permissable nutral current of three phase system as per IS standards?


What will be the fault current of any system when its generation is 10% of BASE generation( FUll Load )?Will is 10% or the same as full base calculation?


How to calculate approximate load loss of a distribution transformer by knowing %ge imp of transformer?


define as synchronous generator