Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is, if any, the orientation of the horizonal seam on ERW welded pipe



What is charge?

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Why not use dbt in cooling tower approach


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why we use charcoal layer in aqua silencer to purify the gases??

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during starting of centrifugal pump mechncal seal is required to be vented first


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How to calculate the CFM in the AHU (air handling units.


How to calculate the CFM in the AHU (air handling units.

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how to measure static charge in processing of expandable polystyrene. explain - Units of static charge

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what is the different between brazing and soldering

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types of law of evoporation

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what is the melting point off gun metal bearing and white metal bearing

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different between friction bearing and anti friction bearing

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We select 10mm nominal thickness for Elip head of a pressure vesel. The minimum thickness after forming is 8.2mm. (Shell thickness is 8mm. The minimum thickness after forming is satisfied or not with UG-79 (d)(3) in ASME SECTION VIII, Div.1?



is pneumatic cylinder can be used as hydraulic cyclider for same pressure.

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wat is the need to run a machine without feed???

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What to write.. for perception about ntpc.. when you are applying for its interview?


Sir we wants to const ruct a wall,size wall is 50x30x9/12' many bricks required. Please advise


what is sight glass, water level meter, water level indicator, level control probe?


list three things you can do with the files you create by recording your voice on your computer?


what is difference between british wire guage & birmingham wire guage


3-4 questions on optical fiber : data based.


What are the causes of emergency stop in a steam engine?


how calculate the bearing number from inner and outer dia of bearing


if any one who attended the caterpillar interview please send me the sample questions and the areas from which questions are being asked...


sirplz send me nhpc techanical questions paper.


how 2 prepae for technical aptitude? suggest me any books r


Explain how to measure crank web deflection?


how to check quality of steel?


i am preparing for vsp management trainee technical 2010.can any one send me modelpapers of preliminary written test.


Dear Friends I want to previous 5-10 years technical and non tech. question paper of section engineer (mechanical)of RRB and also tell me how should I prepare for S.E. and which books will help me for technical,aptitude,resoning.plz send me at