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what isload waring calculation


what is lap length?


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How to Know that veriation acceptable in CPWD Work Of 1:6 Cement Mortor Received Lab test report.


how much quantity a skilled labour and unskilled does Pcc per day, if ratio is(1:2:4)

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As per Kandal suggestions, we have implemented rolling starts on 140 (+/- 5) degrees and we kept 3 rollars to complete the rolling before falling 125 degrees and the Aggregate AIV is below 22. But When the DBM bed is being rolled 3rd high viabration, (Before 1 plain & low ,2 high Viabrations), the aggregate is getting sharp edge agg. projections are damaged. As the literature is said that, the VG-30 Grade having better control the temp. susceptibility than Penetration grade. if so we could not get this problem at site. But we are facing on site. let me know.


Please send the graphical comparision Viscosity vs temp. for Penetration grade, Viscosity grade & CRMB.

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I measured pcc work as 15.34 m cube , the ratio is 1:5:10 ,want to know the cement, sand and metal used for pcc measured as 15.34 m cube at this ratio.


water cement ratio

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how to calculate the dry wt of sand and cement for a required design mix?for ex:M20

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Please provide detail I.S standard code for using crush sand instead of river sand for plaster and concrete grade M15, M20, M25 and M30 and its mix design

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what is the minimum compressive strength in 7 days for m20,m25,m30

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Can i have pumpable mix design for M10 concrete without fly ash with OPC 43G cement?

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What is expansion joint

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what is formwork in construction

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what is the different betweem expansion and construction joints

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What is the wall thickness of NP-3&NP-4 hume pipe as per I.S code


Define unit atmospheric pressure? Difference between gauge pressure, absolute pressure?


VAT and CST ? Which benefits for buyer ? Why benefits?


Sir, Iam Applied in rrb for the posts of Junior Engineer.I want to know about the or question previews to study well.Pl send it to


what are the grades of concrete?where and or what purpose a particular grade is used in a particular structure?


how to calculate the density for high density concrete ? or is it same as the density of RC?


where i can get material costs on weekly basis


For The preparation of goverment examination Which book i will prefer and by which way i will do the preparation for exam.


how many mason and labaur work for a 1 brass bricks plz let me know the calculate & how to made calculation for this and whats the formulas for this?


What is the difference between EPC,DBOOT and BOOT.


2. What are the advantages of your present job, things you like about it?


How much quantity of cement Bag for block masonry (1:4) for 1 cu.m? Block size (150x200x400) Mortar Thickness 20mm


how to prepare site mix design


what is the name of shuttering oil used in oman


why the profile of shell of natural draught cooling tower is hyperabolic.