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how tl calculate lap lengh of concrete in different grade of concrete.

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what is the difference between factor of safety and partial safety factor.??


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Why use of fly ash in cement

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for what perpuse we use CBR test in road project?

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granite tiles laying 60/sq to convert in sq mt,what is the mltiplying value.

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in M-20 Grade of concrete what do u mean by (M)


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what is the technical word for column and beam joint

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what is difference between tor steel & TMT STEEL?

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1) What is meant by C-soil in geotechnical Engineering? 2) What is Eve board? 3) What will happen when heat is applied to cement? 4) what do you understand by the lateral dimention ?

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i) Distinguish between Theodolite and dumpy Level? (Marks-8) ii)Distinguish between Viscous and Turbulent flow? (Marks-8) iii) Distinguish between nominal and design mix? iv) What is standard sand? v) Explain the term plane stress? Vi) Differentiate between principal plane and principal axis? Vii) write short notes on Elastic limit of structural steel? viii) Write short notes on stress concentration? ix) write short notes on "Grading of Sand" ? x) How many grades of concrete are there under standard concrete?

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1:5:10 isme 1 kya h 5 kya h 10 kya h

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What are the points to be considered for calculating cement reconciliation. a)Do we need to deduct the wt of cement bags b)Do we need to adjust the qty due to wt loss during transportation, loading unloading etc or else each bag can be considered as 50 kg bag c)What is the proportion of mix cover block making.


How much block, cement,sand,is required for 1 sqmt of 200*200*400 block work


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how many men days of loburs and masons are requirete for 1 cum,pcc (1:2:4),Pcc(1:3:6) and Pcc(1:4:8) thanking you

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sir tell me what are the rules to find out the cut length? and what is the deduction in dia to be made ?

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why we provide bent up reinforcement bars at l/4 ? if it is because of diagonal shear , how does it acts ?


Dear Frds, How can i calculate the Steel for RCC Slab, Please provide one Example also, so that i can understand very well. Ex: Area: 1320.0 Sft.(44' X 30') Span: 15'(Default). Column Size: 9"X15"(6 No.s 12mm Rods) Please Provide Calculation Details. Thankyou. Satish


Reinforcement details at hinged joint


How can calculate the requirement of steel bars of rcc slab for 1100 sq ft?


On what basis we decide the formation level of the road? other then that of 50% Cutting and 50% Filling??


I what know about life time of frp tank plz explain about it specifications & other details


2. In a container filled with each of the following materials, at a porosity of 40%, determine the upward gradient required to cause the quick condition (a) Lead shot with a G = 13.75; (b) Fibre beads with G = 2.15; (c) Sand with a G = 2.32


How to calculate cement, water, fly ash amount for 1 cum if the w/c ratio is 0.4 and fly ash to cement ratio is 1:9


How much wastages taken in 1. cement 2. steel 3. fine aggregate 4. coarse aggregates (10mm, 20 mm)


how many BSCs can i connect to the HUAWEI MSC


What expenses counted in contingencies and how much it is in related to built-up area of the building.


how to calculate 1:5:8 ratio concrete cement, sand, metal and water please give me brief calculation


what would be the design load of R.C.C Cooling tower per cell.?


How to make a c++ program that converts any base to base 10?


What is oneside mat. And explain