Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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rate analysis for shuttering 1:6

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how to calculate the lap bar for bor culvert ?

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What are the types of ladders?

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How much steel required in 900 square feet slab?

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How much steel required in 1 square feet slab?

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ratio of sand, cement and metal in all concrete mix

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how many types of foundation


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Respected Sir, I am from a hilly place called Darjeeling ,I have constructed house of 9 column out of which 4 of the column is under water , i have put rcc slab on top and on top of the rcc slab i have construced two room house with bricks and light roof , now i am planning to change the light roof with rcc slab for the two room, my main concern is will the column under water will hold the load of the new rcc slab coz it already 10 to 12 yrs old , i dont know what to do , can u advice me regarding this matter, weather to leave the upper floor roof light or make it rcc slab.(If i put the slab , it will require 45bags of cement and u calculate how much of steel and sand and pebbles) thanks with regard Anand

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Rate analysis of 150mm, 100mm, & 230mm thk BBM work


why do we provide haunch for drains and culverts?


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How much overlaping required for welding the reinforcement bars in Columns & beams

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how you can say about a slab that it is one way or two way.

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What is the roll of face bars in beams

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how much brick,cement,and sand required in 1cum brickwork(1:4)


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how much steel required for 1 square meter slab?

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What happens when water mixed with cowdung is used for priming instead of water for lifting water in pumps?


VAT and CST ? Which benefits for buyer ? Why benefits?


what should be RCC material i.e iron rod(mm)x cement x stone x sand for laying of slab L 42'x B 22'x tk 0.375ft = 1nos & column of H 17'x15"x8" 2nos.


how do you calaculate the total steel quantity of an rcc building using thumb rule?


How to calculate the force on a column of three story building. What should be the base concrete height?.


does a civil engineer fresher supposed to know how to design rcc structure?


What is the maximum strength of cub compress strength in one cub testing


is concealed wiring a problem in fly ash brick wall?


What is thumb rule in quantity and cost estimation of a residential building in civil engineering??


What is the per cu. mt. price of ready mix in Gujarat region.?


howto calculate the quantities of material used in fly ash brick after finding the volume??


hi guys what happens if you are absent for a supplymentry exam?


Bearing capacity of soil determined as per ASTM is to design the foundation size.what is the importance of EV1/EV2 value as per DIN .My consultant ask me to test the the soil as per din to find out this ratio to assess the compacted strength of soil ,,?? is it meaning full ??


Is there any course for billing available in Mumbai? If yes then please mail me the details..


What are the disadvantages while using stone dust as filler in pavements?