Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the basic fundamental of contouring?

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what is studds? where it can be done?

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what is the difference between rise and tread? what is its standered size? what is waist slab?what is the standered length of staire-case? also what is the angle between floor and landing?

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how many binding wire can be required for 1 metric tonne steel?

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Building construction

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what are the types of roads?what are the types of highway?

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in railway engineering, what are the types of guages? what is its size,length & thickness?

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1 cubic meter contains how many bricks

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time and work questions


logical reasoning


Hi, Please tell me the ISI specification for the duration of concrete to achieve full strength of concrete. Is it 28days?


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what"s the formula for circumference?

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what is the difference between natural draught cooling tower and induced draught cooling tower


why the profile of shell of natural draught cooling tower is hyperabolic.


The properties of concrete HA-30 and how does it differ with M 30 (specify the important characteristics like workability,strength,mix design,slump test value)and what is the standard relating to it


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what is the most suitable foundation when construct a bird watching tower in a marshy land


quantity of material needed for rubble stone masonry for 1:4 and 1:6


length where bent up is made in slab of bridge from one end


What is the strength of 1:6:12 mix?


explain the advantages of total stasion


How much quantity of cement Bag for block masonry (1:4) for 1 cu.m? Block size (150x200x400) Mortar Thickness 20mm


usually hand broken stones are used for cement concrete 1:4:8 in foundation of single /two story houses with a view of economy in construction.what advantages it will give if you use machine crushed stone in place?


satart to end steps by step process of building construction...? i want to planning theme accuretly


what is meant by csr in foundation? what is sbc?what is meant by contour line?


in a corner footing of a building, column lies in one corner. in this condition i want to know if the reactive pressure of soil will be uniformly distributed throughout the footing or will be uniformly varying as in the case of eccentrical loading.


Howmuch bend to be provide for 200/600 BEEM


Required amount of Steel bars, cement/ square feet for roofing of residential building upto 3rd floor.


How many square meter can a worker/labor demolish a structure per day?


how to calculate spacing rod in column


Labor requirement for each item needed? Lean Concrete 103.550m3 Concrete for Foundation and Structure 1753.000m3 Expansion joint 288.000m Contraction joint 127.000m Dowel bar 450.000m