Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the basic fundamental of contouring?

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what is studds? where it can be done?

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what is the difference between rise and tread? what is its standered size? what is waist slab?what is the standered length of staire-case? also what is the angle between floor and landing?

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how many binding wire can be required for 1 metric tonne steel?

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Building construction

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what are the types of roads?what are the types of highway?

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in railway engineering, what are the types of guages? what is its size,length & thickness?

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1 cubic meter contains how many bricks

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time and work questions


logical reasoning


Hi, Please tell me the ISI specification for the duration of concrete to achieve full strength of concrete. Is it 28days?


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what"s the formula for circumference?

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what is the difference between natural draught cooling tower and induced draught cooling tower


why the profile of shell of natural draught cooling tower is hyperabolic.


The properties of concrete HA-30 and how does it differ with M 30 (specify the important characteristics like workability,strength,mix design,slump test value)and what is the standard relating to it


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I just got a first job in Maharashtra and m a fresher. My task is estimate the cost of excavation of earth with J.C.B. can anyone tell me how to do this??


I am a civil engineer . I am also selected for sbi clerk interview which is to be held on 4th May2010 is there anybody resembling the same? what question can be asked and what should be the probable answers?


asubmerged weir is one in which the water level on the down stream side of the weir is just at the crest level below the crest level above the crest level at stamp elevation as water surface on upstream




As we know that steel is a tension member but why we are using STRUCTURE STEEL as a COLUMN (Without concrete) where column is a compression member and compression strength of steel is very low


door and window wood work calculations and different methods


Calculation of curtain wall of box culvert


What is different between DI Pipe and CI pipe?


how to do cementicious paint for rcc walls of cw pump house


what is the procedure involved in preparing mix design of m15 grade as per IS-10262-1982


how much used soil in 1 brick of standard size?


What is the maximum crushing load in Kg & crushing strength in N/mm2 for M25 & M 15 Grade concrete


please what is the number of bars required for a column of 6mx6m and 450mmx300mm,its a commercial building (Church)


in levelling operation the first site on any change point is back site the second site on any change point is fore site the line commenses with fore sight & closes with backsight the line comensses with back sight & closes with fore sigh


Volume of 25kg putty bag & 40 kg putty bag volume??