Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Any bopdy tell me how to prepare rate analysis for Centering and shuttering for RAFT FOUNDATION, SUSPENDED FLOORS, STAIR CASES, RETAINING WALLS, SHEAR WALL and COLUMNS

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How many no of cement bags required to do the concrete with the proportions 1:1.5:3 for 4inch thickness for 100 sqft?

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How to calculate the no of bags required for 12mm thick 1:6 plastering?

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beam top main reinforcement(25mm) was drilled off by mistakely when making drill hole for dummy columns. any one can give useful information for this issue or related code or websites.

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What is rolling stock


Explain Different types of raft foundation

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I am a civil engineer . I am also selected for sbi clerk interview which is to be held on 4th May2010 is there anybody resembling the same? what question can be asked and what should be the probable answers?


Any body please let me know how to prepare Method Statement for Bored Cast in situ piles.

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what is 43 & 53 in cement


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What is the difference in Cement content for M-20 Concrete if y ou use OPC & PPC? What is the difference in the Curing Period?

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what is SPLICES & where it is used?????????????

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What is the substitute of Mastic Asphalt?


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What is the mixing ratio of M7.5,m10,M30,m35&m40?

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How reactor of SBR installed , is it be over ground, fully under ground or semi sunk ?



How many materials e.g bricks, cement, sand, stone required to build a house for 100 sqft


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define the strength


how to calculate quantity of bricks in circular manhole with examples.


yasser arfatcompleted his degree in civil from which university


sir i want to know that in L & T construction can we do our 6 months training proggramme cum placement???????


How to calculate steel for beam slab and column


How much cements bag (or in KG) required for 1 Sq. M concrete, for M-30 grad concrete as per CPWD and where is thr proof on site


cement mortor 1:5 for 30 m2 12 mm tk plastering so how to calcualte its rate


how can we calculate steel value, depending on load


How to calculate the cement consumption in RR Masonry in CM 1:8 for the foundation of Ground Level Reservoir


what is BPM in concrete demolition hammers. what is better a higher value or lower


why we use for testing of compression strength concrete the size of specimen 150x150x150. why we are not using another dimension like 100x150x100 uneven dimension.


what is education Cess.


what is the difference b/w full length and cutting length?


1.How much batten required for 1 sqm Shuttering. much pipe & clamps required for staging of 100 sqm shuttering at 5.0 m height.


How to test cement,sand,20mmbluemetal,40mmbluemetal,bricks,concrete by visual and instrument