Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Cube tests of concrete are failed at 7 days and 28 days.What is your next action?

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what is bending moment?

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What is special features of RGS Rebar detaling software?

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What is the difference between solids and fluids, in terms of their ability to resist force?

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how to design paver block


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what is the mix design for M45 concrete


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how do i find the fixed end moments in the fixed beams with the use of general method?

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what"s the minimum content cement allowed in RCC?


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why loss of strength in concrete in 7 days cube test i am not geting mim 7 days strength that is 67 percent for M-35 and my mix design is perfect there is no doughty,and my results are near to 7days percentage but not 67 percent.

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What is difference between nominal mix and design mix?

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what is the compresive strength of m20 concrete at 7 day

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what is the concrete mix design ratio of railway sleeper??????


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for 100sft of Cement plastering ratio 1:6 How much quantity of cement and sand required.

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what bending moment?

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what is the diffrence betwen one way salb & two way salb?

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What is the cost difference between site mix and ready mix concrete per cubic meter


what is the use of beam end forces while using a staad ? wha they are show


Please Clear My doubt . We Can Design the size of the beam by manually by the Length of the beam...What is the technique adopted


what isload waring calculation


For removal of formwork of simply supported slab / beam from where to start the deshuttering? ( Max Bending moment of the simply supported beam is in the center hence is it required to start from the supports?)


How its coming concrete grade M 20 means 1:2:4. how it coming 1:2:4.


which are the Indian auther books for STONE COLUMN/GRANULAR PILES?


why we use aggregate,sand with cement in concrete?


What is rate of concrete surface rendering work per sqm


can i make bricks using M10 grade concrete ? and what would be the cost of a brick if we use m10 grade concrete sand and aggregates ??


how will calculate 4"thick solid block quantities 1m3 sand cement ratio and breack up detail


"Gates of the dams are generally designed of curved shape". Why?


Please send me the qunty. of mason/labour required in each day for different type of civil construction work?please send me ans. in my mail id is ( or here.


if a pipe those configuration (ASTM c 76 class b 450mm dia 2500mm length) fixing for water course those lining of water is 7000 running meter. my question is that if 8 joints of pipe ls leakage and we have not permission to stop the water so which treatment we apply on joint in that in condition.


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